Taylor Swift Walked The BBMAs Red Carpet Alone, Surprising Nobody

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Taylor Swift has a big night ahead of her for a quite a few reasons. For starters, she's scheduled to open the Billboard Music Awards with a performance of her latest single, "ME!" Additionally, she's nominated for two Billboard Music Awards. Since Swift will likely be seen during the show (on and off stage), you might be asking yourself, "Is Joe Alwyn at the 2019 BBMAs?" Well, it looks like Swift's prince charming might not be at the show alongside his songwriting bae.

If you're currently watching the red carpet live, then you might've caught a glimpse of Swift posing in light purple. However, it looks like Alwyn wasn't standing beside her. This isn't too much of a surprise, since the couple rarely makes public appearances together — especially arm-in-arm at publicized events. Who knows, though — maybe Alwyn is already in the building waiting for Swift to arrive.

If you've been keeping up with Swift's relationships from day one, then you probably know how private she's kept things with Alwyn. Heck, I consider myself a true Swiftie, and I barely know anything about her love life. But apparently, that's the point. Back in June 2018, an unknown source reportedly told The Sun that the couple decided to "keep their private life private" after Swift's 1989 tour.

Well, they're definitely pulling it off.

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After reports about their relationship began circulating in May 2017, Swift and Alwyn kept their PDA at a minimum. Sure, they've been spotted in public together a handful of times (like when they hung out together in Nashville and at the British Academy Film Awards), but they're still shockingly elusive.

How do they do it, though? Apparently, the process isn't as easy as it sounds (especially when you're a mega-star with millions of fans around the world). However, Swift is making it work. According to E! News, the pop star stays out of the spotlight by visiting her boyfriend in London (where he lives) on the DL. She doesn't do it publicly, though. According to the source, Swift uses private jets and "blacked-out cars" to get to his place. The source reportedly said, "Unless you're part of her inner circle, you wouldn't know when she is or isn't here."

So sneaky, Tay!

As nice as private getaways can be, Swift and Alwyn are continuing to make public appearances here and there. For instance, the love birds were caught being cute on camera at a party following the 2019 Oscars. In the video, you can see Alwyn putting his hand on Swift's shoulder mid-conversation. TBH, it looks like Alwyn makes a gesture to leave the party together at the end of the clip. (That's not confirmed, of course — but it'd be super romantic.)

Maybe they'll be caught on camera at a Billboard Music Awards after party, too. If they do, I'm sure they'll be as cute as they always are.

Regardless, both lovebirds have a lot to be proud of after the BBMAs. Between Swift's epic performance and nominations, I'm sure they'll be celebrating post-show.