How Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Keep Their Relationship Private Is Honestly So Sneaky


Taylor Swift was known earlier in her career for having really public relationships. Granted, this wasn't really her choice, but that was one of the things she was known for nonetheless. So by the time her relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn became public and we learned they had already been dating for a year, it came as a shock to many that they were able to keep their secret for so long. Now we have some insight into how Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn keep their relationship private, and they've apparently got it down to a science.

A source revealed to E! News that part of Swift and Alwyn's secret to keeping their private lives private is spending a lot of time in London instead of the U.S. Swift is apparently in the U.K. visiting/staying with Alwyn a lot more than we realize, according to the source. "Taylor has been in the U.K. a LOT more than people know," the source said. "She has the entire routine down pat now." That routine, according to E! News, includes lots of driving around in inconspicuous cars with tinted windows, having airline employees assist in checking Swift's passport instead of her going through customs (you're lucky AF, Taylor), and carefully choosing who knows where she's traveling and when. "People just won't see her," the source said. "Unless you're part of her inner circle, you wouldn't know when she is or isn't here." They added she "barely leaves a trace."

The couple has been together for almost two years now, and the source said, "They're clearly serious." Swift made that obvious during the Reputation secret sessions where she invited die-hard Swift fans to her home (and various other locations) to listen to Reputation in its entirety. Fans who were at the parties said in tweets following the event that 1) Alwyn was there and their love for each other was obvious, and 2) Swift flat-out confirmed that all of the romantic songs on the album are about their relationship — how it started, how it's been, and where they hope to go.

So what about the stereotypical "we're in a serious relationship" signs, like meeting the family, becoming close with the family, and all that jazz? Do Swift and Alwyn display any of those things? According to this source, yup. "Taylor's met all of Joe's family," they said. They continued,

They've done many a Sunday roast together — in fact it happens without fail if she's here over a weekend— and they seem very comfortable around her. His brothers all seem to be fans of them together as they've hung out with Taylor and Joe on several occasions.

The last time (and one of the only times) we saw Swift and Alwyn together was at the December 2017 Jingle Ball music festival.

Swift was one of the performers herself, but when she wasn't performing, she and Alwyn were in the audience bopping along to the other artists like a typical couple. A video of Swift and Alwyn singing along to Ed Sheeran's performance at Jingle Ball circulated on Twitter and fans couldn't handle it. Swift was drinking out of a red solo cup, Alwyn had a baseball hat on, and if Swift wasn't one of the most famous and recognizable people in the world, they would've looked like your average, run-of-the-mill couple attending a concert.

Fans loved seeing Swift and Alwyn at Jingle Ball together.

Jingle Ball was held in New York City in December of 2017. Around that time, Swift and Alwyn were spotted holding hands while walking into Madison Square Garden for the festival. A source told People at the time,

Taylor and Joe are spending time together in N.Y.C. Taylor was in the best mood. She was smiling and waving to fans. Joe stayed for the whole show and they later left together as well. They are staying at Taylor’s N.Y.C. apartment.

Swift and Alwyn display all of the signs of being in a super serious relationship, so it's probably safe to assume we're not going to see this relationship end anytime soon. We just won't know sh*t about it.