Here’s The Deal With Asking For Cash At Your Wedding, Because It’s Tricky

Planning a wedding is a super exciting — albeit super expensive — time in your life. If you and your partner decide to tie the knot with a traditional ceremony and reception, then there could be a lot of money going toward making your wedding exactly how you want it to be. In fact, weddings can be so expensive that many couples wonder if it's OK to ask for cash at your wedding. Well, good news folks. According to experts, it is... for the most part. Obviously, you never want to be rude or make people feel like they're paying to go to your wedding, but at the same time, asking for money is very much acceptable.

"We are seeing a rise in demand for cash gifts by couples so that they can either recoup funds spent on the wedding, towards home buying/expenses, honeymoon or future planning," Clarissa Silva, behavioral scientist, relationship coach and creator of the Your Happiness Hypothesis Method, tells Elite Daily. "For co-habitating couples, they simply don’t need additional appliances or china sets because they’ve already acquired them." Asking for cash can be a totally practical thing, especially if you and your partner aren't the type to want a traditional registry.

Registries aren't for everyone, but some registry websites do offer honeymoon funds for your friends and families to contribute to instead. "Some couples omit the traditional registry in their wedding invitations altogether making a cash gift the only option for guests," Silva explains. "Couples have a few options when it comes to asking for cash gifts. You can include cash registries through sites dedicated to collecting money and there are honeymoon registries that focus specifically on your travel plans."

The fact of the matter is, "Cash gifts at a wedding may seem odd to some people, but have historically been ‘the norm’ for others," Susan Winter, professional life and love mentor, tells Elite Daily. "Cash is a great gift if you’re comfortable asking for it," she continues. "This especially makes sense for those couples who aren’t just starting out. For couples already living together, they certainly don’t need plates, table settings or silverware. A cash gift can allow them to put money where they need it most — the mortgage or a new car."

But just because it's OK to ask for cash, doesn't mean that there's not a wrong way to do it. "No money trees," Nina Rubin, M.A., life coach, tells Elite Daily. "No money boxes. Make a registry. If people want to give you money, they will." As Rubin says, it's smart to ask for cash in a way that shows decorum, like on your formal registry. Cash is a totally acceptable gift, "As the cost of living has increased, many couples need to ask for cash to help set them up for a successful first year of marriage," Damona Hoffman, host of The Dates & Mates Podcast, tells Elite Daily.

Practical, necessary, and easy, cash is actually the perfect gift to ask for at your wedding. As the experts explain, don't feel bad about asking for it! It's your wedding, and it signifies starting a new life with your partner. Money can help with that — that's just the truth. Asking for it at your wedding is totally fine, as long as you do so appropriately.