This Week's 'Riverdale' Hinted At The Gargoyle King's True Identity


The weirdness on Riverdale just keeps getting weirder. On Wednesday night's new episode, the teen drama turned the creepiness up a notch with the introduction of a strange new character and an up-close look at the Gargoyle King in the flesh... er, or the sticks and bones. The mystery around the Gargoyle King is still at the center of everything, but we may have just gotten a hint as to who the demonic creature could really be. Is Evelyn the Gargoyle King? Let's talk it over.

Spoiler alert: This post will discuss plot points from Season 3 Episode 2 of Riverdale, "Fortune and Men's Eyes." Although the season's new mystery feels like it is a full-blown supernatural ghost story, it actually did bring Betty and Jughead back to their Season 1 days of investigating unsolved crimes together. In the season premiere, we saw Jughead stumble upon the bodies of Dilton Doiley and Ben Button seemingly dead in the woods, and the new episode was quick to reveal that Dilton actually died from drinking cyanide at that ominous shrine of bones. Ben actually managed to survive, although he did fall into a coma.

The real weirdness was that this strange suicide pact all goes back to a board game. Betty and Jughead discover that Ethel Muggs was also a part of Dilton and Ben's Griffons and Gargoyles group, and that the three along with a missing boy scout from Dilton's troop spent all summer holed up in a bunker playing the game.


After Betty and Jughead find that drinking a possibly poisonous blue liquid is actually part of this role-playing game, they confront Ethel for an explanation. She lets out some super suspicious information: the Gargoyle King gets mad when the Griffons and Gargoyles players talk about the game to others, and more specifically to adults. Right on cue, Ethel's eyes roll back into her head and her body begins to contort in unnatural ways. There seems to be no explanation for it, until Betty takes a look at who is standing right behind Ethel: Evelyn Evernever.

Now, Evelyn is the only common factor for the two most unusual events that have happened this season so far: she reveals that she was in the Coopers' back yard when Betty saw Polly's twins float above a bonfire, and now we see her staring intently at Ethel as she convulsed. Umm, are we supposed to believe that Evelyn has magical powers, because that is honestly what I'm thinking right now.

More importantly, Evelyn's appearance during all these supernatural occurrences could mean that she is the Gargoyle King. After all, she seems to have some sort of power that she used on Ethel to stop her from talking about the creature. The issue with this theory is that Betty stated the Gargoyle King was much taller than Ethel, unless she was wearing stilts, and Evelyn seems to be even shorter than Ethel. Perhaps a better theory is that Evelyn either serves or works for the Gargoyle King. That makes the next obvious guess Edgar Evernever: the leader of The Farm whom we have yet to actually meet, and who also happens to be Evelyn's father.

We will definitely have to look at Edgar with a very suspicious eye when Riverdale finally does introduce his character eventually. Riverdale airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.