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Lovatics Are Convinced *This* Is Demi's Song About Max Ehrich

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Demi Lovato's Dancing Will The Devil album is finally here, and it's just as personal as promised. Lovato has been teasing the album for weeks ahead of its April 2 arrival, promising to share her truth with every lyric. It's safe to say she didn't disappoint, because one song in particular was more personal than ever. Track 14 was penned all about a messy breakup, and fans seem to think they know where the inspiration came from. For those asking if Demi Lovato's "15 Minutes" is about Max Ehrich, here's what we know.

Much like her documentary of the same name, Lovato's new album deals with some heavy stuff. As she told Entertainment Weekly ahead of the release, it was important not to censor herself while writing the record.

“I don’t censor my substance use in Dancing With the Devil. I don’t hold back from that, so I don’t want to hold back from any other place in my authenticity, you know?" she said in the cover interview. "While I desperately hope that it doesn’t trigger anybody, I also know how important it is for people that are going through those things to have an outlet to be able to listen to."

The album also has a slew of superstar collaborations including Ariana Grande, Saweetie, and Noah Cyrus. And while there's a few upbeat songs sprinkled in, the album's most memorable lyrics run extremely deep. With certain songs, such as "15 Minutes," fans are entirely convinced she's singing about her failed engagement to Max Ehrich.

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You can listen to the song that has everyone talking below:

With lyrics like, "changed your colors so fast, tried to turn my friends into friends of the past," it's no wonder fans were convinced "15 Minutes" took inspiration from her sudden September 2019 split with Ehrich. After the song hit streaming services, fan theories started pouring in.

Demi has not explicitly said one way or the other if the inspiration for the song came from her broken engagement. However, with the release of "15 Minutes," it's evident that when it comes to Lovato's past, she's forgiven, but hasn't quite forgotten.