'Never Have I Ever's Darren Barnet's Reported Relationship Status Is Good News For Fans

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Whether you're Team Ben or Team Paxton, it's hard to resist the charm of Never Have I Ever's Darren Barnet. The actor is a total thirst trap, and I give Devi all the props in the world for shooting her shot with him. I'll have to wait for the series' inevitable second season to find out whether Devi and Paxton end up together, but what I really want to know is whether or not Darren Barnet is single IRL. Though he hasn't publicly confirmed his relationship status, it seems to me that the internet's new boyfriend is on the market. (Elite Daily reached out to a rep for Barnet for comment but didn't hear back in time for publication.)

During an interview with Elle, Barnet revealed that he's currently quarantining solo, but he still has plenty of thirsty DMs to keep him company. "I didn't expect my character to be such a focal point," he said of NHIE. "It's been amazing." And while plenty of fans have reached out to express their love for the show, others... are looking for a little more than that. FYI, Barnet is not into the many DMs he's received asking him to take his shirt off.

He may be single at the moment, but Barnet was previously in a relationship with E! producer Cassie Maynard for at least two years. Maynard made her first appearance on Barnet's IG in Nov. 2014, and on Dec. 15, 2015, he took to Insta to wish Maynard a happy one-year anniversary.

Though it's unclear when exactly the couple split, Barnet made his final appearance on Maynard's IG in Jan. 2017, and in March 2018, she started up a relationship with a new boo. Following his split from Maynard, Barnet began seeing model and actor Ali Rose, whom he dated from at least April 2018 to Feb. 2019, based on Rose's Instagram pics with Barnet.

For those looking to shoot their shot with Barnet like Devi did, the actor told Seventeen what he finds sexiest in a prospective partner: confidence. "There's nothing more beautiful than someone who's just unapologetically in love and OK with themselves," he said. Hard agree, my dude. Though I'm sure not sure whether the fact that he's alone in quarantine means he's single, I do know that I would be more than happy to keep him company. #TeamPaxton4ever

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