Chrissy Teigen Is Pregnant Again, & We’re Pretty Sure We Know The Gender

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Just in time for Thanksgiving, we have something huge to give thanks for. Screw your family, friends, love, etc., because model, spokesperson, and professional funny person Chrissy Teigen is pregnant with her second child. My first thought: oh my god, the Teigen-Legend children should team up with the Carter kids, and they will rule the world. My second thought: Is Chrissy Teigen having a boy or a girl? Well, we don't know yet — though we may have an idea. And it really doesn't matter, frankly, as long as Teigen and husband John Legend continue making cute, funny, smart children who inherit their shared ability to make me laugh.

UPDATE: Chrissy Teigen announced on Jan. 29 that she's expecting a baby boy. She posted a photo of her Grammys outfit to Instagram with the caption, "Mama and her baby boy."

EARLIER: But in all seriousness, Teigen made the announcement via Instagram on Nov. 21, and people are freaking out — in the best way possible, because who doesn't love a pregnancy announcement from a #goals couple?

Teigen enlisted her very, very cute child, 19-month-old Luna, to announce the pregnancy on Instagram. "Luna," she said. "What's in here?" She pointed the camera at her stomach.

Luna grabbed Teigen's stomach and said, "Baby." And then drooled. And people aww-ed and laughed, as you do.

It was adorable, frankly, and some much needed good news in a world where lots of bad things have happened lately. More Teigen-Legend children, please.

And then Teigen also announced the huge news — that it's a Legend — on Twitter using her characteristic dry charm. Which of course is a very, very important announcement, given that Luna looks nothing like her father, and so we really just weren't sure. So, you know, phew.

And fans of the couple may know the sex of the fetus as well: number two is very likely going to be a boy.

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Jan. 2017, Teigen told Giuliana Rancic, "Oh my God, a little boy is next for sure!"

How could she possibly know that then, you might be wondering?

Teigen has, in the past, been candid about fertility struggles and the fact that she and Legend used in-vitro fertilization in order to have Luna. And the couple have been talking about having baby number two for at least a few months.

In an Aug. interview with Cosmopolitan, Legend told the magazine, "We’re lucky that we’re living in an age where we can conceive in other ways. [IVF] brought us Luna and hopefully it will bring us a few more awesome kids, too." And as recently as October, Teigen said in an interview with InStyle for the Nov. cover story, that she and Legend are trying for a second, using IVF.

Teigen has been both praised and criticized for her decision to use IVF, despite the fact that it's really no one's business, and by sharing her story, she is helping to destigmatize fertility struggles. In fact, in a comment on her Instagram announcement, among many well-wishes, one user wrote, "Crying of happiness! As someone with infertility problems you have been my hero for talking about the struggle. It's possible! Congrats!!"

Further, Teigen has also, in the past, discussed the fact that she and Legend chose the sex of their first pregnancy, a decision which she has defended from internet trolls time and time again.

According to several experts, the process of sex selection in IVF isn't as "complicated or controversial" as it may seem.

But the decision to choose Luna's sex also gives us a hint as to what to expect from number two: of the three embryos Legend and Teigen had, two were female, and one was male. Teigen said she made a deliberate choice to have a girl. In that same November InStyle interview, Teigen recalled the process that led to Luna: "The first little girl didn’t work, and then the second is Luna." Which leaves the final embryo, a male, which Teigen and Legend, in all likelihood, used for this pregnancy.

But, above and beyond the question of what parts this baby will have — because, let's be honest, it doesn't matter since Teigen and Legend are clearly amazing parents — the real question burning in my mind is whether or not they will have another Legend clone.

While Luna is freaking adorable, personally, I hope this one looks like Teigen, and inherits her humor and candor.

We could use more honest, funny, beauuuuutiful people in the world.