Chloe on 'Too Hot To Handle'

Chloe Reveals What Her Love Life Is Like After Filming 'Too Hot To Handle'


From the moment she exclaimed "Think of your nan!" during Netflix's Too Hot To Handle trailer, it was clear Chloe Veitch was going to be a fan-favorite. Viewers rooted for the bubbly Brit throughout the show as she crushed on different guys at the sexless retreat, but even though she had quite a few promising moments with various suitors, she ended the show without a romantic connection. Now, a year after filming Too Hot To Handle, Chloe reveals she's still single — but don't worry, she don't need no man.

Chloe had no shortage of men to hold her interest during her time on the show. First, there was Harry, who quickly made it clear he only had eyes for Francesca. Then, there were David and Bryce, each of whom she liked at first but then decided weren't right for her. And then finally, there was the late-addition Kori, who made her giddy with his ~banter~ and bad-boy ways, but ultimately blew her off in pursuit of someone else (Francesca again).

Instead of letting all this bring her down, though, Chloe found empowerment in her Too Hot To Handle journey (just watch the yoni exercise in Episode 7 for proof of that).

"I was invested in the process and kind of getting to know myself more as a person and understanding my flaws, understanding my emotional areas," she tells Elite Daily about her time on the show.


She laughs when I ask if there are any of the guys she'd be interested in dating now that the show is over (a la Nicole and Bryce). "To be honest, it would be a little messed up on my side, because I look at them like brothers," she says. "I mean, I would look for a guy in the future, when I date them, with the values as the guys that I met on the show, because they're such lovely guys."

Well... she might not want her potential future partners to be like all the guys she met on the show. After Kori picked Francesca for a date, Chloe confronted him for being disrespectful. "It was very emotional for me, and I was very emotionally invested in the process. All of my emotions are heightened and his weren't," she explains. "With Kori and I, there's always going to be a little bit of tension there ... but [we] will always be friends. I haven't got any hard feelings for him."

One relationship that did last for Chloe? Her friendship with fellow contestant Nicole. "Me and Nicole are literally soulmates. We're just obsessed with each other," she says. "We FaceTime all the time, and we really want to move in together."

As for Nicole now dating Bryce, her former flame on the show, Chloe is here for it. "Bryce is such a good egg," she says. "I couldn't see it being awkward because me and Bryce even had a couple of FaceTimes, and he's just such a nice, genuine guy. I'm quite surprised that they didn't hook up on the show."

Aside from moving in with her bestie, Chloe has big plans for her future. "I just signed with management, and we've got some great ideas down on paper. I want to get into the world of acting, presenting. Like a TV personality just for people to watch and learn from ... to kind of look through my eyes, like what I've experienced in the villa and in my life," she explains. "I can kind of educate them and talk to them about it. Like a relationship counselor and help all the women out there." Nans included, hopefully.