'Riverdale' Gave Us More Clues About The Man Alice & Chic Killed & They're Wild


That big mystery from last week's episode of Riverdale is... honestly still a big mystery this week. But, we did get some more details about who that dude that Chic and Alice Cooper killed really was, and it looks like his identity is going to lead into the next huge twist in the show. Thanks to Betty's tireless detective work, the dark secret surrounding Chic is starting to come to light. So is Chic a drug addict on Riverdale, and what was that dead guy really doing at the Cooper house? Let's see what we can clarify about this mystery.

Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you haven't watched Riverdale Season 2 Episode 13 "The Tell-Tale Heart" yet and want to remain unspoiled. The big question on everyone's mind when we tuned into Wednesday night's new episode of Riverdale was who was that guy that we saw Alice and Chic kill last week? The episode picked up right where we left off: with Alice furiously scrubbing up pools of blood around the mystery corpse, Chic huddled over in the corner crying, and Betty just walking into the whole mess. Alice forbids Betty from calling the cops because she's afraid they would take Chic away from her, so Betty jumps into action helping her mom smuggle the dead body out to some abandoned sewer pipe in the woods, which Alice says she knew about from her Southside Serpent youth. Ahhh, nothing like some mother-daughter bonding, right?

Chic is basically a blubbering mess the entire episode — I think he actually only said one thing the whole time, spending all the rest of his airtime looking like a wounded puppy. Except that sad-sack demeanor may have just been an act: When we see Chic alone at the end of the episode, he's grinning while cutting Hal Cooper out of one of the Coopers' family photos. I guess Hal really wasn't being all too paranoid when he stormed out of the house after Chic moved in...

But back to the dead body, which we still barely know anything about. Alice says that he wasn't carrying a wallet, but Betty is able to get some important info about this nameless dead dude by swiping his cell phone. Here's a screenshot I took of the texts on this guy's phone. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there are any real bombshells in here, unless some guy named Dave R. wanting to meet up at the strangely specific time of 3:27 means anything?


Betty quickly works out from the texts (and 47 missed calls, jeez!) that the dead guy was a drug dealer, and confronts Chic about it. Although we can't see it in the phone, Betty says that she found a text from Chic to the guy from recently, and accused him of buying drugs. We don't get a clear answer, because Chic kind of just cries and then Betty has to go to school... so what is really going on here?

The only other piece of information that we get about this guy is that he apparently had a girlfriend, who he might have been cheating on. Betty starts to call the numbers in the phone, and one of the women returns her call and accuses her of being the girl that her boyfriend was cheating on her with. Hmm, from the looks of things, that probably would have been Gigi, who was the most recent text in his phone when Betty found it. Now, let's do a little bit of Riverdale reasoning here: we know this guy was probably cheating on his girlfriend, we know he came to the Cooper house looking for Chic, and we know that Chic has a pretty... unsavory business. Maybe this guy was cheating on his girlfriend with Chic? And also selling him drugs, I guess?

Obviously, there is still a ton about Chic that we don't know, but finding out this guy's identity could finally reveal the truth.