'Riverdale' Ended With A Major Murder Cliffhanger This Week & We Have Questions


What in god's name is going on in the Cooper house!? Riverdale has been getting crazy all over (Archie's in the FBI and the mob now, I guess?), but the center of all the insanity seems to be the Cooper house, especially after that bloody moment at the end of Wednesday night's bombshell episode. The cliffhanger ending left everyone asking the same question: Did Alice and Chic murder someone on Riverdale? Let's try to work out some answers. Spoiler alert: Obviously, don't read on if you haven't seen Riverdale Season 2, Episode 12, "The Wicked and the Divine" yet.

OK, so things got seriously real this week, with Archie getting more embroiled in the mafia and Jughead facing the consequences of mutilating a woman (yeah... remember that?), but yet again, when it came to the most out-there, wild drama of the week, it was the Cooper family drama that took center stage. Just a couple of episodes ago, Betty and Alice Cooper tracked down Alice's long-lost son Chic in a seedy motel and invited him to move in with them, and he is already stirring up some major changes in the family. Hal has moved out because he just hates Chic so much, and Chic has also convinced Betty to join him in the unsettling world of webcamming. But the most shocking event came at the end of this week's new episode, when it looks like Chic and Alice may have legit murdered someone.

In the last few minutes of the new episode, a mysterious bleach-blonde dude knocks on the Cooper door while Chic and Alice are sitting down for dinner (Betty is off hooking up with Jughead at the time). When Alice answers the door, the man asks for Chic, and then we cut away. The next time we see this man he is dead on the floor with Alice cleaning up the pools of blood around his body. Excuse me... what!? What just happened!? It certainly looks like Alice and Chic killed this random dude and are trying to cover it up.


An important thing to note is that we only see Alice cleaning up the blood in the last scene; Chic is nowhere to be found. Since the mystery man clearly knew who Chic was, it seems most likely that Chic may have been the one to kill him, and then he ran off leaving Alice to take care of the body. We know that Alice has a pretty grisly past with the Southside Serpents and that she is desperate to repair her relationship with Chic, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that she would go so far as to help her son cover up a murder.

Another clue as to who this mysterious dude is may have come earlier in the episode. Remember when Chic told Betty that she should never give one of her webcam clients her address because things could get dicey? Well... I would definitely call murder in the foyer dicey. It seems to me that this guy was probably one of Chic's online clients who somehow found out where he lives and was looking to meet up with him IRL. Although I still have no clue exactly why this dude was apparently so dangerous that Chic had to murder him.

Oh, and let's not forget the other thing that this murder brings up: Any murder in Riverdale is going to raise more questions about the Black Hood. If Chic really did kill this guy, then it might lend some more credence to the fan theory that Chic is actually working with the Black Hood. The final scene was definitely not long enough for us to get any concrete answers, but hopefully next week we will finally learn more about Chic.