Camila Mendes Just Posted A Blonde Selfie, & Suddenly, Veronica Is Serving Serious Betty Vibes

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In the Betty and Veronica dichotomy, Betty's sweetness and girliness are represented by her perfect blonde ponytail, while Veronica's edgy, sultry vibes are made obvious by her shiny, jet-black strands. It's part of the reason why actress Camila Mendes was the perfect choice to play Veronica when Riverdale, the hit show based off the classic Archie comic strip, became a thing. But a recent photo has me wondering if Mendes has gone full Betty out of nowhere. For real, though: Is Camila Mendes' blonde hair real? I highly, highly doubt it, but let's review the evidence below.

There are some celebrities I associate with just one hair color, even if they do tend to change things up. For me, Camilla Cabello, Vanessa Hudgens, Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian, and Camila Mendes are just a handful of gorgeous ladies I associate with dark strands, no matter how many times they opt for a dye job or a great wig. Since Mendes's first big break as Veronica on Riverdale is a role that relies on her raven strands to really sell Ronnie's dark side, picturing her blonde is... difficult. For a while, I literally couldn't imagine it! But when the actress took to Instagram to share a photo with lighter strands, I was surprised at how much I loved the look.

I'm sorry, Betty who? Blonde Ronnie is my new fave, thanks:

Camila Mendes/Instagram

For a split second, the above had me convinced Camila dyed her hair for real, but then she posted this next photo, and it all but screamed "This is a wig":

Camila Mendes/Instagram

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Sigh, just when I was excited to see she'd made a hair change, it turned out to be a wig! To be clear, Mendes never confirmed it was a wig, but seeing as that part doesn't line up with her own hair's parting and she's snapping the selfies from inside her Riverdale trailer, it's safe to say it's the wig used in the show as one of Veronica's previous disguises.

Who can forget this ladylike blonde slay? Real talk, though, not much of a disguise when Veronica's signature statement brows remain dark and bold:

The CW

Still, it's a look nonetheless. Mendes totally pulls off blonde!

The CW

Personally, I love the look of light hair contrasted by dark brows, which is probably why I think Mendes suits the shade so well. I wouldn't mind if she dyed for real it once filming wraps for the season!

Fans of Riverdale have been super vocal about just how great they think Mendes looks in her blonde wig on the show:

One Twitter user even claimed Mendes's wig gave off Elle Woods vibes. For what it's worth, I would absolutely watch this remake:

The bad news? This time around, it's safe to assume that Mendes' blonde hair is once again just a wig. The good news? She's still rocking her stunning dark strands! I can't be mad at this queen for wanting to skip the bleach damage and stick with her signature look — all I'm saying is, I wouldn't be mad if she decided to wear the wig off-set every now and then!