Here's What We Know About Camila Cabello's Relationships With Fifth Harmony After Their Split

by Karen Ruffini
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Back in March, Fifth Harmony announced that the all-girl group was going on an indefinite hiatus, causing many fans to wonder whether or not former member Camila Cabello's departure had anything to do with the split. In case you forgot, Cabello announced that she was leaving the group back in December 2016, and the remaining members were reportedly none too happy, considering they claimed that they were notified of her departure only by her representatives. Cue a lot of rumored shade between the four remaining members of the group and Camila Cabello. But where do the five women stand now? Is Camila Cabello friends with Fifth Harmony? These updates on each of the girls' relationships with Camila prove that there may not be as much drama as we initially thought.

Normani and Camila Cabello had a friendly reunion.

After nearly a year and a half since Camila's exit from Fifth Harmony, she reunited with Normani backstage at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas back in May 2018. A picture has made its way around Twitter showing Normani and Camila smiling happily together, so it's pretty clear that there's no bad blood between these two former members:

Just a month prior to the reunion, Normani spoke to Us Weekly at the Daily Front Row’s Fashion Awards in Beverly Hills in April and talked about how, despite the fact that she hasn't heard from Camila, she is beyond happy for her success. "She’s killing it. She’s freaking killing it. I’m super proud of her," she said, adding, "She is in her own space and she’s happy."

Sounds like these two have no drama between the two of them, so thank you, ladies, for staying so cool.

Ally Brooke revealed that she loves Camila's new music.

In her interview with Elite Daily, Ally was asked whose solo music she liked the most amongst her former Fifth Harmony bandmates. "Oh my gosh, that's a really tough one," she said, ultimately deciding that she "can't really pick. I love them and that's super tough. I can't pick."

While she didn't specifically say that she loved Camila's solo work, she didn't say anything negative about it, either, so personally, I feel like she's equally cool with Camila and has no real hard feelings.

Lauren Jauregui shut down the drama rumors with Camila Cabello.

Out of all the former Fifth Harmony members, it seems as though Lauren Jauregui is the most vocal about the ~drama~ (or lack thereof) surrounding Camila's exit.

Back when Camila was on the cover of Seventeen magazine's March/April issue, she said that "Fifth Harmony wasn't the maximum expression of me individually," and added, "My goal is to be brave and open up my soul."

Just a day later, Lauren tweeted, "Fake that confidence bih, one day it'll be real," to which many fans took as her way of shading Camila:

Of course, as soon as she heard the rumors, Lauren immediately took to Twitter to shut down the gossip, writing, "Media assuming sh*t and falsely reporting hatred is so boring. REPORT the positive sh*t..there's too much negativity in this world rn":

I mean, she's not wrong.

Plus, there was the time that Lauren confirmed at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards that, while she hasn't spoken to Camila since her departure, everything is "fine" between them, so let's stop trying to add in tension where it doesn't exist, people!

Dinah Jane commented on Camila Cabello's new music in an interview.

While speaking with 97.1 Amp Radio on Oct. 13, Dinah Jane was asked about her thoughts on a lot of things, but many of the questions were centered around the girls from Fifth Harmony. The interviewer mentions how there's so much new music coming from each of the members, but specifically mentioned how Camila Cabello was nominated for 5 AMAs. Dinah Jane replied, "So sick!" So, clearly, she's not unhappy for her.

When the reporter asked how it felt knowing that the five girls all started from the same place and if she was proud of everyone, Dinah Jane said,

I am proud because we were all with each other at a time when we needed one another. And starting at 15 — me being the youngest — we all kind of, like, tried to take this journey in. I'm glad that we had each other as companions, because it wasn't easy ... I'm really happy for all the girls, and we're all in a really good place right now.

You can watch the full interview below:

So basically, if you're searching for drama among the former bandmates, you're clearly not going to find it between Camila and Dinah Jane.

While the four former members don't sound like they are BFFs with Camila Cabello, they certainly don't seem like they're enemies with her, either. Let's just call it like it is, and recognize that perhaps the split was somewhat amicable, and the women are ultimately there to support each other, no matter what happens in their respective careers.

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