Here's How To Stream Beyoncé's 'Homecoming' Album, Because It's Not Just On Tidal This Time

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Happy birthday to meeeeee! I keep saying to myself as I write all of this Beyoncé content. It's not my actual birthday, but it sure as hell feels like it after I've spent this entire day writing about Beyoncé's Homecoming documentary! Thank you, my queen, for this gift of a workday. So, you probably know by now that Beyoncé's Homecoming documentary dropped on Netflix today, and she surprised fans by releasing the live recorded album of her Coachella performance. But is Beyoncé's live Homecoming album on Spotify? The icon has made a habit of dropping all of her music on JAY-Z's TIDAL first, and in a hilariously shady move, Lemonade still isn't available on Spotify. But, to the delight of this Spotify Premium member, Homecoming is!

Unlike the release of Lemonade, the full Homecoming album is available on all streaming services. I know she made clear how she feels about streaming numbers on her and JAY-Z's "NICE" (if she gave two f*cks about them, she would've put Lemonade on Spotify), but having Homecoming on all of the streaming platforms is going to help boost the album's success a bunch. (Not that Beyoncé has to worry about her music doing well.)

Billboard now takes streaming numbers into account when measuring the success of new music, which is part of the reason why Ariana Grande has been sitting so pretty on the Billboard charts since the release of thank u, next. So Beyoncé releasing Homecoming on all streaming platforms will only help further secure the album's overall success.

Here is Beyoncé's Homecoming in all its glory.

The album has 40 songs. Two of them are new ("Before I Let Go," "I Been On"), and one of them is sung by Blue Ivy Carter. Can you believe?!

The BeyHive is so relieved they don't have to create another fake email in order to get another TIDAL free trial.

But they're still waiting for her to put Lemonade on it. (It probs won't happen.)

Hey, at least some Lemonade songs are on Spotify now ("Freedom," "Formation," "Sorry," "Don't Hurt Yourself," "Hold Up")!

Here's how having Homecoming on streaming services will help the album's performance on the Billboard charts.

For the Billboard Hot 100 (the top 100 songs of every given week), each song streamed on on-demand streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube) are given a certain weight. Now, paid subscription streams, like on Spotify Premium and Apple Music, weigh more than ad-supported streams. Paid subscription streams are given a full point per play, and ad-supported streams are given 2/3 of a point per play. Programmed streams are given 1/2 a point per play.

For the Billboard 200 (the top 200 albums of every given week), the points work a little differently, but the tier system applied to the streaming services are similar. Paid subscription streams are the first tier. With this tier, 1,250 streams equal 1 album sale. Ad-supported streams are the second tier. With this one, 3,750 streams equal 1 album sale. If you're using a free trial for a paid streaming service, the music you listen to during said free trial will count toward tier 1 streams.

That's a lot of info to take in, I know, but it all basically means that listening to Homecoming on streaming services will help the album's placement on the Billboard charts. So get streaming, BeyHive! Our queen is waiting!