Between Lauren & Jessica, Ben Higgins Is More Astrologically Compatible With...

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Once upon a time, it seemed as though Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell had found their happily ever after. Fans were pretty shook when the Bachelor alumni called off their 14-month engagement in May 2017, and they were even more surprised when Higgins started romancing Jessica Clarke (who had barely seen The Bachelor before, much less appeared on it). The Season 20 Bachelor and his now-fiancée seem like the perfect match, and it makes sense — according to the stars, Ben Higgins is more astrologically compatible with Jessica Clarke than he was with Lauren Bushnell.

Higgins was born on March 23, which means he's a fierce and fiery Aries. Clarke's June 19 birthday makes her a Gemini, while Bushnell's Feb. 2 birthday makes her an Aquarius. TBH, Aries and Aquarius are far from the worst match, and an Aries-Aquarius pairing can actually be a lot of fun, thanks to their shared energy and individualism. However, relationships between Aries and Aquarius often lack tenderness, while Aries-Gemini relationships are usually packed with passion. Aries and Gemini certainly have their differences, especially when it comes to trust, but if they learn to effectively communicate, Aries-Gemini pairings can be full of love, support, and adventure.

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As sweet as their relationship seemed on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?, Higgins and Bushnell apparently weren't faring well behind the scenes. Aquarians have a difficult time opening up to others, and while some signs may be able to coax emotion out of an Aquarius, an Aries simply doesn't have the patience. During a June 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Higgins said that, by the end of their relationship, they were both "looking for an out." As he explained, "I don't think we wanted to make it work, because I think internally we knew just how unhealthy it probably was to continue to go on. We were just looking for an out, but trying our best to make it last as long as we could to see if maybe we found the secret sauce."

Aries hate quitting anything, but they're rational enough to accept the inevitable. And because they're so impatient, rams are usually eager to move on to something new rather work on something that can't be repaired. Aquarians are simply too emotionally detached and evasive for Aries to handle long-term, while intense Aries tend to make Aquarians feel a bit stifled. "I think mutually Lauren and I saw that life was getting more difficult," Higgins said during a May 2017 episode of his podcast, Ben and Ashley: Almost Famous. "I would say the joy that we felt toward our relationship at the beginning was — for some reason — slipping away, and we were both working very hard to bring that joy back. And it just never seemed to get there."

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You may think Aries and Gemini make an odd pairing. Like Aquarians, Geminis don't tend to be forthcoming about their feelings, which is frustrating for Aries. The twins of the zodiac are more into surface-level conversations (and lots of them), while Aries like to get right to the point. The most challenging aspect of an Aries-Gemini relationship is learning to trust each other, since Geminis have a tendency to do their own thing without concern for others. However, Geminis also tend to be adaptable, agreeable individuals, and those born under this sign are far more open to learning and growing than stubborn Aquarius. If anyone can cool down an Aries' fiery intensity, it's an easygoing Gem.

During a March 2019 interview with Elite Daily, Higgins spoke about why his relationship with Clarke works so well. "For me now, I sit with a really great girlfriend who is incredibly supportive of my faults and my failures and my confusion," he said. "She's excited for me when cool opportunities pop up, and she celebrates with me when successes happen, but it took me awhile to find that unique person." An Aries-Gemini pairing may not be perfect, but Aries and Gemini's shared enthusiasm and love of adventure can help them overcome any differences.