Bad Bunny Finally Addressed The Rumors He’s Engaged To Gabriela Berlingeri

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bad Bunny has given fans a lot to discuss in 2020: his iconic Rolling Stone cover, the "Yo Perreo Sola" video, and three whole new albums. This year, he also went public with his relationship with his long-time girlfriend. But is Bad Bunny engaged to Gabriela Berlingeri? In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bad Bunny finally addressed the engagement rumors that have been circulating since May 2020.

On May 15, he posted some cute mirror selfies to Instagram that showed him wearing a gold ring on his left hand. Naturally, these photos set the internet ablaze. Then, on Aug. 6, Berlingeri Instagrammed a video of herself wearing a diamond ring on her left hand, causing fans to speculate whether or not the two had officially tied the knot. But it wasn't until Nov. 27 that El Conejo Malo finally spoke on whether there's any truth to the rumors.

In the YouTube clip, ET reporter Denny Directo and Bad Bunny spoke about COVID-19, and Bad Bunny called Berlingeri the "perfect quarantine partner." When Directo asked Bad Bunny to "set the record straight" on marriage rumors, he simply responded, "No, I'm not married."

OK, but are they engaged? Well, he says, "Maybe, can be there! Yeah, weddings and getting married, that scares me a lot." Of course, that's a non-answer answer if you've ever heard one.

If you're a long-time fan of Bad Bunny, you know at least two things about him. First: He doesn't miss a chance to gush about his girlfriend. Back in May, Bad Bunny told Rolling Stone, "[Berlingeri] is very special in my life. This quarantine has made me understand that she is the best companion I could have.”

Second: He's super private about his personal life. He told Rolling Stone he met Berlingeri all the way back in April 2017. Fans didn't know anything about her until a smooth three years later, when they attended a February 2020 Miami Heat game together.

Since then, Bad Bunny's beloved has popped up here and there on his social media, and what we see is what we get. The only answer we really have for now is, no, Bad Bunny isn't married... yet?

If you're a part of the Bad Bunny hive and you're eager for solid details, you've got to realize: This man is going to do his own thing, at his own pace, 100% of the time. Blame it on his Pisces sun, but you know it's why you love him. At this rate, just be prepared to open your social media apps and see snaps of this couple on their literal honeymoon, having a blast.