Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri

Bad Bunny & Gaby Berlingeri Are An Astrological Match Made In Heaven

With his plush lips, puppy-dog eyes, golden voice, and goofy humor, Bad Bunny is undeniably hot. Naturally, stans have been wondering who, if anyone, owns this heartthrob's heart. As it turns out, Bad Bunny has been dating Gabriela Berlingeri since 2017, but they didn't make their first official appearance until a February 2020 basketball game. Because they're incredibly low-key, an air of mystery surrounds this couple. One illuminating tidbit fans can hold onto is Bad Bunny & Gabriela Berlingeri's astrological compatibility, which is distinctly delightful.

Born March 10, 1994, El Conejo Malo is a Pisces. As revealed in Bad Bunny's June 2020 Rolling Stone profile, Berlingeri is a Capricorn. A watery soft boy (Pisces) and a no-nonsense go-getter (Capricorn) may seem like an odd pair, but these two are actually a very compatible case of "opposites attract" — with few of the annoyances that come with being "opposites."

Pisces is dreamy and creative, while Capricorn is pragmatic and rooted in reality. As astrologer Annabel Gat writes in her book The Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide, these differences are actually what draws these two signs together. Here's what you should know about the way Bad Bunny and Berlingeri vibe together astrologically.

They're Complementary Lovers

Looking at Pisces-Capricorn couples, astrologer Gat wrote, "Capricorn encourages Pisces to chase their dreams in a way that is responsible and organized." In his Rolling Stone interview, Bad Bunny gushes about how Berlingeri has helped him stay emotionally grounded over the years. It tracks that this Cap is the one to reign in Pisces' feelings and help them get sh*t done.

Gat also wrote, "Pisces is able to teach Capricorn new ways of looking at the world and remind them that things aren't always as plain as they seem." From his activism against Puerto Rico's corrupt former governor to his gender-bending fashion, this boundary-pushing Pisces is totally someone Capricorn can learn from.

They Indulge Each Other In Playfulness

If nothing else, Bad Bunny fans love Berlingeri for indulging in her man's playfulness. And according to Gat, humor plays a key role in Pisces and Capricorn's attraction to each other. "[Pisces] sees [Capricorn] as someone who commands attention, who know what's up, who has it under control — yet has a devilish sense of humor," Gat wrote. Whether it's a makeout session in drag, quirky odes to quarantine boredom, or spirited Instagram Live twerk sessions, this couple's shared, "devilish" humor is super apparent.

They're Passionate About Each Other

Since they're great communicators, Pisces-Capricorn couples can get steamy in the bedroom, Gat wrote. But this couple's passion for each other clearly extends beyond sex. Forever in touch with his emotions, Bad Bunny confidently declared Berlingeri "the best companion" he could have in his Rolling Stone profile.

Another noteworthy point Gat brought up is that "Capricorn will be proud to have such a creative person at their side." Berlingeri's support for Bad Bunny's creativity is apparent. Not only did she make a cameo in "EN CASITA," a song off her boyfriend's quarantine album Las Que No Iban A Salir, but she also shot all the photos in his Rolling Stone profile while quarantining together. Leave it to your Capricorn girlfriend to make sure your career is still going smoothly during a global pandemic.

If their mischievous Instagram posts and the warm way they root for each other aren't enough, let astrology make the case for you shipping Berlingeri and Bad Bunny, like, yesterday.