Jamie Lynn Spears Is Fueling Rumors That A 'Zoey 101' Reboot Is In The Works


It's been nearly 15 years since Jamie Lynn Spears first sang the question, "Are you ready?" in the Zoey 101 theme song, and fans are still ready to dive back into Zoey Brooks' life. Earlier this week, reports claimed that Nickelodeon was in talks with Spears to reboot Zoey 101, and now, Spears is helping to fuel those rumors on Instagram. So, is a Zoey 101 reboot happening for real? Let's go over everything that we know.

The reboot rumors started earlier this week on July 23, when TMZ reported that Jamie Lynn Spears was speaking with Nickelodeon executives about potentially reprising her most famous role. The TMZ report claims that the Zoey 101 reboot is not a done deal yet, but Nickelodeon and Spears already have an idea for what a new series might look like. The reboot would reportedly follow a 28-year-old Zoey Brooks' life in southern California, about a decade after she would have graduated from Pacific Coast Academy. According to the report, the other big change would be that Zoey would apparently be raising a couple kids in this reboot idea, mirroring the life of Jamie Lynn Spears, who has two children of her own. The show will apparently add a new "edge" to Zoey 101, if it happens.

While none of those rumors have been officially confirmed, Jamie Lynn Spears did weigh in on them on Instagram. Spears posted a collage of all the media coverage of the Zoey 101 reboot rumors, and wrote, "Yo, Nickelodeon, have your people call my people." If those reboot talks were not happening before, it sounds like they might start happening now!


Another factor that makes this reboot news seem more plausible is that Jamie Lynn Spears just recently announced her return to acting. Spears famously stepped away from her acting career at the end of Zoey 101 in 2008 to focus on raising her daughter, Maddie Aldridge. She later married businessman Jamie Watson in 2014 and the couple welcomed Spears' second child, Ivey Watson, in 2018.

While Jamie Lynn Spears has spent the last decade focusing on her family in Louisiana, she revealed earlier this month that she will be making her return to acting in the upcoming Netflix series Sweet Magnolias. Her role in Sweet Magnolias marks her first acting gig since Zoey 101, so now that we know she is interested in acting again, maybe these Zoey 101 reboot rumors do hold some weight.

Earlier this year, Jamie Lynn Spears celebrated the 14th anniversary of Zoey 101 by posting a clip of the show's theme song. She also used the post to clarify the rumors that the show ended because she got pregnant during its fourth season, writing that the show did not end because of her pregnancy but simply because her contract was finished. Zoey 101 has already had one brief, five-minute reboot in 2015, which brought back the characters of Chase and Michael as they learn that Zoey considered Chase to be her soulmate. The short ended with Chase resolving to find Zoey again.

Nothing is official regarding a Zoey 101 reboot just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for any more news.