'Hannah Montana' Fans Think Miley Cyrus Just Subtly Revealed A Reboot Is In The Works

Disney Channel

It has been over eight years since Miley Cyrus ditched her blonde wig and her Disney days for good to become a pop star in her own right, but she may be ready to go blonde again. Some eagle-eyed Cyrus fans think that the singer is is subtly teasing a Hannah Montana comeback with her recent Instagram activity. So, is a Hannah Montana reboot happening for real? There actually may be reason to believe that Miley Cyrus will be giving us the best of both worlds once again.

The rumors about a Hannah Montana reboot all stem from a mysterious new Instagram account that was only just created over the weekend, it seems. The new account is drawing a lot of attention because it has the handle @hannahmontana, which is trademarked by Disney. As it stands, the Hannah Montana account is completely blank: no profile photo, zero posts, and it is not following any other accounts. The name on the account is simply "HM," but despite the total lack of activity, the newly created account has already amassed nearly 20,000 followers as of Tuesday afternoon. This is likely because fan accounts on Twitter and Instagram have been bringing a lot of attention to this mysterious new profile:

This new account may seem like nothing on the surface, but it actually does seem to provide some solid proof that Disney is planning on doing something with the Hannah Montana name in the near future. Disney owns the name, after all, and therefore had to OK this Instagram account going live.

But the real kicker came when fans noticed that Miley Cyrus had actually followed the Hannah Montana account:

Of course, Miley Cyrus following the Hannah Montana account does not necessarily mean that she is involved in whatever potential Hannah Montana project that Disney might be planning, but it still feels like a pretty major update.

Miley Cyrus' involvement in a potential Hannah Montana reboot would definitely come as a shock to her fans, though, since Cyrus has made her disdain for her former alter-ego very well-known since leaving Disney. When she hosted Saturday Night Live in 2013, Cyrus joked that Hannah Montana had been murdered. She repeated that sentiment on the Disney Channel show's tenth anniversary in 2016, writing that Hannah Montana was chopped up and buried in her yard. Cyrus has also said that her time on the show caused her to have body dysmorphia.

Despite the hardships, Miley Cyrus still celebrates Hannah Montana every so often. Over the weekend (right around the time the mysterious Instagram was created), Cyrus celebrated the 13th anniversary of Hannah Montana by posting a throwback photo of her younger self.

Although Miley Cyrus has explicitly denied Hannah Montana reboot rumors as recently as 2017, similar tween shows from the mid-2000s like That's So Raven and Drake & Josh are already in the reboot game right now. Hopefully we get some more tangible news than a mysterious blank Instagram account pretty soon — until then, every Hannah Montana fan should keep their eyes on that Instagram account.