Instagram's 2018 Year In Review Results Further Prove BTS Totally Dominated The World

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The end of 2018 is quickly approaching, and I for one would like to know where the heck this year went? Seriously, how the hell are we already approaching 2019? I thought 2016 was last week! However the hell we got here, now is the time that all of our social media apps start compiling the annual year in review posts. You've probably already seen yours on Facebook or on the 'Gram via the Top Nine feature, but Instagram's year in review results for the app's overall usage reveals so much about the trends of all Instagram users.

Instagram's end of year review takes all of the usage data from the last 12 months and compiles a list of the top ranking trends among users. Things like the happiest locations on Earth are determined by the number of smiley face emojis included in captions from that location (to no surprise, that location is Disneyland Tokyo). The results show that a heart was included in 14 billion captions this year, and it even analyzes trends from Instagram stories (the heart eyes filter was the most used). And yes, this roundup includes which fanbase reigned supreme throughout the year. And the answer really comes as no shock.

According to a press release from Instagram, BTS has the most loyal fanbase out of literally every other fandom posting on the 'Gram. Yup, the BTS ARMY was the top fandom community on Instagram in 2018.

BTS ARMY members be like: "Yeah, we've known this."

The K-Pop group has been at the top of the Billboard Social 50 chart for 104 weeks, as of Dec. 13, and has won the Top Social Artist award at the BBMAs the last two years, so yeah, why is anyone surprised that they were also the most talked about music group on Instagram in 2018?

The only other celebrity to make it to one of the top results for Instagram this year is Drake, but it's more about the #InMyFeelingsChallenge than the rapper himself. The #InMyFeelingsChallenge was the top dance movement of the year, although I imagine the BTS #IDOLChallenge faired pretty well thanks to the group's loyal fans. And in case you're interested, the highest growth in a hashtag community goes to #fortnite.

On a more serious note, Instagram's top advocacy hashtags were #MeToo, #MarchForOurLives, and #TimesUp. On a less serious and more hilarious note, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) was the top niche community trend. Soap cutting, slime popping, and makeup shaving also apparently had a great year, and I would just like us to take a moment to appreciate how damn weird we as a collective species are. Instagram users: Posting about women's equality and gun control in one moment, listening to people eat pickles in front of a microphone the next.

This is all to say that 2018 has been one hell of a wild year, but nothing makes more sense to me than BTS having the most active fanbase on all of Instagram. That really, really tracks.