Instagram Is Testing Group Stories and here's what you need to know.

Instagram Is Testing A Feature That Lets You Collaborate On Stories With Your BFFs


Users who've been looking for a Group Story option on Instagram may not have to wait too long. In recent months, some people have reported seeing Instagram Group Stories tests on the app. Group Stories would create a way for Instagrammers to make a collaborative Story within a group of friends, which means the Story would be viewable by members only. This option could provide an even better way for Instagram friends to communicate in real-time and follow important events.

Initial reports of this first appearing as a test feature were back in early October, and some cite Jane Manchun Wong — a woman whose social media research is focused on discovering unreleased app features — as the first to uncover the test feature.

People are now speculating the new Story feature may be coming very soon. According to Social Media Today, the Group Stories feature was again seen in action on Dec. 12, as Instagram user @cuteek posted a photo of Group Stories showing up as an option. Although the feature is looking suspiciously close to an official release, a Facebook company spokesperson was not able to release any information, except for saying that the company is always testing ways to help its users stay connected.

The test feature is also being compared to Facebook's Group Stories, which was released globally in December 2018, but was removed in September 2019.

While the option to create a Group Story might feel a little complicated at first, the feature could better streamline group communication and sharing in a way that they can't yet. You can currently have groups in DM, but it's more similar to a text convo than a Story. With this test feature, you'd be able to see everyone's vids and pics in a single Story, which would make it a heck of a lot easier to keep up with what is actually going on.

If the feature does officially release, it will be somewhat similar to the idea behind Instagram's new Threads app, which dropped this past October. The whole point of the Threads app is to give you a stronger connection to Instagrammers on your Close Friends list. While Threads is just an easier way for your Close Friends to see your personal Story, status, and share things in a private chat, Group Stories would expand on the idea and make it even easier to use chat features in larger groups.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait and see on this one, as Instagram has not provided an official release date.