Instagram's New Photo-Messaging App Is All About Chatting With Your BFFs

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Instragrammers, there is a new app that lets you connect with friends in a much easier way. On Thursday, Oct. 3, Instagram announced the drop of its new app: Threads. How does it connect you to your friends in a way Instagram hasn't before? The app enables you to communicate in a private space, for just you and whoever you have on your Close Friends list. If you're here for it, here's how to get the Threads from Instagram app for fun photo messages.

This fun new app is like a buddy to your OG Instagram, so you'll still need your usual Instagram profile and app to be able to use Threads. As of publication, searching for the Threads From Instagram app in your App Store or Google Play Store may take you a few minutes if you just search the word "threads." It seems to be a little different depending on if you're Android or iOS.

How To Get Threads From Instagram On iPhone

Apple iOS users, try searching "Threads from Instagram" to locate the app. If you search "threads" you will have a tough time finding it — so be sure to type the entire phrase. It should come up and be available to download immediately.

Or, if you're reading this on your iPhone, use the link to the App Store.

How To Get Threads From Instagram On Android

Android, I'm sorry. I have no idea why it seems practically impossible to find the Threads from Instagram app when searching the keywords. I tried "Threads," "Threads from Instagram," "Instagram Threads," "Instagram" — you name it. I was in an endless scroll of applications each time, finding the OG Instagram app and others, but nothing that looked remotely like the new Threads from Instagram app. I'm guessing this will change once it's fixed or more people download it.

However, for now, to save you the frustration, the easiest way I've located the app via search is to search "Instagram," click on the Instagram app, and click the word "Instagram" underneath the bolded title. Then, you'll be brought to a list of apps published by Instagram, where you will find the Threads from Instagram app more easily.

Or, of course, you could use the Google Play Store link, if you're reading this on your Android phone.

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Once you've downloaded the app, you'll need to understand how it works. Threads from Instagram isn't complicated. The whole interface is based off of your Close Friends list on Instagram. If you haven't used the Close Friends list feature on Instagram since it debuted back in November 2018, it's no sweat, you can still easily create a list.

Creating a Close Friends list before you start using Threads from Instagram? Go to your profile, select the menu with the three lines, and select "Close Friends." Then just add the Instagram users you want in your close friends list, and you're all set. The Close Friends feature was the first roll out of sharing your Stories with a select group of friends you are closer to. According to the press release for Close Friends in 2018, although no one gets notified when they are added — or removed — from someone's Close Friends list on Instagram, you will be able to see a "green badge when you're viewing [a friend's] stories" which will slyly let you know that you're in their list.

Now that you've got your list of besties together, you can use it within the Threads from Instagram app. Per the official Instagram press release, "you can use Threads to message those people on your Instagram close friends list and you'll have a dedicated inbox and notifications just for them." In this way, you can connect with your close friends all day if you want to.

To share photos and videos with Threads from Instagram, just open the app. It's what Instagram is calling a "camera-first" application, so you are instantly within a camera screen when you open the app, plus you can make it easier to chat with BFFs by adding their shortcut (shown by their profile photo toward the bottom) to the main screen. That way, you can send them a photo in a much more streamlined way, taking less time, and only two clicks.

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You'll also have the option of using a status, along with the ability to Direct Message your friends in your inbox. The status is a way to let your friends know what you're up to. Instagram's release states that Threads from Instagram has some "suggested" statuses available to use, like "Studying" or "Procrastinating."

I really like the idea of having an Insta companion app that lets me talk to my close friends exclusively. It makes it a lot easier — especially if you're just going on Instagram to talk to them, update your Story, or send them photos. Although some people are thinking this is Instagram competing with Snapchat, what does it really matter? You use all the apps, don't you? Don't wait too long to get the Threads from Instagram app. You can download it today to start getting in touch with your besties in a new, private application.

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