My Sister & I Are Closer Than Ever In Our Late 20s Because Of These 6 Reasons

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My sister has always been my best friend. She's three years older than me, and I consider her one of my role models. When we were kids, the age difference was a huge deal, and it was pretty difficult getting my cool older sister to hang out with me. That meant we weren't as close as we could have been, but now, I'm closer with my sister in my late 20s than ever before.

It's been a constant increase in love over the years that just keeps on growing. My sister is and always will be the forever type of friend. She's stuck with me whether she likes it or not (Luckily, she does.), and looking back, I've realized our relationship has only gotten stronger with age.

We used to fight over what TV show to watch, and I was never allowed in her bedroom. Now, we're plotting big vacations overseas and texting each other almost every single day. Every relationship is unique, but if you've been saying "same" while reading this, you can't deny that you and your sister have gotten closer because of these six reasons. The love only continues to grow, and you can't wait to see what your sisterhood will look like in the next decade.

Nostalgia Hits Hard
Rachel Chapman

Nostalgia hits in your 20s, and when it does, it hits hard. You flash back to family vacays when you were kids, and instantly need to talk to someone who understands all the inside jokes. Luckily, I have my sister there to remember the good days, and she makes me feel like I'm five again watching Nickelodeon.

We're Going Through The Same Adulting Struggles

Finding a job, paying rent, and living on my own are all struggles I need to vent to someone about. I could go to my friends, but I trust my sister to really understand how I'm feeling. Since we're going through the same adulting woes, and also many highs, we spend more time talking and texting about them.

The Age Difference Isn't A Big Deal Anymore

Growing up, that three-year age difference really seemed like decades. Now, it's nothing. My sister doesn't think of me as an immature kid anymore, and I see her as more of a bestie than an older sis.

We Don't Let Relationships Get In The Way Of Our Bond
Rachel Chapman

As my sister and I get later into our 20s, we're less focused on dating and relationships. My sister actually used to split her time between her boyfriend and me, so I didn't see her as much. Now, it's not so compartmentalized, and it gives us much more time together.

We're More Focusing On The People Who Truly Matter

As you get older, you start to focus on what truly matters. You're not wasting your time on any drama or activity you're not super passionate about. I'm too tired balancing work and life to care about anything that doesn't have my whole heart. That's why my sister and I are getting closer, because I know that's a genuine relationship worth my energy.

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

My sister and I used to live right down the hall from each other, but barely talked. Now we live miles away and text every single day. The long-distance really showed us how much we matter to each other, and brought us even closer together.

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