7 Times You Need Your Sister In Your 20s & Are So Proud To Admit It

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It's almost impossible to count the amount of times your sister has been there for you since you were kids. That's because she's always been either right down the hallway or a simple phone call away. She's your BFF, partner in crime, and most trusted confidant. You honestly don't know what you'd do without her. She's invaluable, and there are times you need your sister in your 20s even more so than ever, and you're honestly proud to admit it.

Out of all the text chains in your phone, the one with your sister is probably the most active. You're constantly sending her funny Gifs and links to cute videos. Whenever you have something to vent about or good news to share, your sis is the first person to hear about it.

Now that you're in your 20s, you may not live as close as you did when you had bedrooms that were right next to each other. However, even though you may be miles apart, the distance hasn't affected your relationship one bit. You know you can still count on your sis to be there whenever you need her. Nothing — not even your 20s — can try to stop your sister from being the PB to your J.

When You Have A Bad Day

Maybe you and your best friend got into a fight, or an important project at work is really stressing you out. Whatever caused you to have a bad day, your sister is there to make everything better. She's the best listener when you need to vent, and will dish out the greatest advice to turn it all around.

When You Have A New Crush

Your sister has always been your go-to for relationship advice. When you feel a new crush blossoming, you have to tell her the scoop ASAP. She'll help be your perfect wing woman, while also making sure your heart is protected.

When You Need An Opinion You Can Truly Trust

Your friends are great resources to turn to when you need quick advice, but your sister has the opinion you trust with your whole heart. You know she will be brutally honest, and tell you what you need to hear — not always what you want to hear. When it comes to major life decisions, you can count on her advice.

When You Want To Remember A Funny Story From Childhood
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Your sister is the greatest link to your childhood. She will help you navigate any old stories you're trying to remember when the nostalgia hits you hard. In fact, she'll remind you of a funny story you totally forgot about that will instantly have you laughing so hard that you're crying.

When You Need To Avoid Family Interrogations

Sometimes, your family reunions can turn into 20 questions about your job, your living situation, and your love life. It can be seriously exhausting. That's why you need your sister there to help save the day.

When You Have Great News To Share

Whenever you have something big to celebrate, like a job promotion, your sister is the first person you call. She knows just what to say to make you feel 100% loved and supported. Basically, your sis has always been your biggest cheerleader, and you value her endless support.

When You Just Want To Hang Out Without Doing Really Anything

The two of you don't always have to be doing something elaborate in order to have fun. Honestly, some of your fave hangouts are when you're sitting around talking, watching TV, and doing face masks. You need your sis when you want to have a comfortable, cozy hangout without any pressure.

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