If You're Still Besties With Your Freshman Year Roomie, These 10 Things Are True

Sure, college was an amazing time in your life that you still cherish, but let's get real: Freshman year was a major transition. You met so many new people, adjusted to campus life, and juggled a ton of classes. It was very lucky for you if you hit the roomie jackpot and found a forever friend on the first day on campus. You felt blessed for getting someone you not only considered a great roommate, but a bestie. If you're still friends with your freshman year roomie, it's safe to say you've locked down a friend for life.

There are a lot of cherished memories I have from my first year of college, and most of them include my roomie. As an awkward AF person, I loved having someone to go to every welcome week event with, and she saved me from having to eat breakfast alone in the dining room every day. Spending so much time together, we formed a friendship bond that would be hard to duplicate. If this is all too familiar for you, you know that a freshmen roomie like that is something to cherish. These 10 reasons are why she's your forever friend, so hug her tight.

You Text Each Other On Your Move-In Day Anniversary, AKA The Start Of A Beautiful Friendship

Move-in day freshmen year was so fun, but also chaotic AF. Not only was everyone bringing in big boxes and suitcases, but they had their entire family with them. You may have been a little nervous about setting up your new space, and meeting your new roomie for the first time. Now, you look back on that chaotic day as the first day of a beautiful friendship.

Your College Traditions Have Carried Over To The Real World

Traditions are a fun way for roommates to bond. Simple things like decorating for the holidays, movie nights, and Sunday brunches are all things you did together. You may not be living together anymore, but those college traditions have carried over with you. You may still meet every Sunday for brunch, and make sure to watch your favorite movies together.

She Knows You Better Than Most Of Your Friends Just From Living With You

Your friends think they know you to a T, but there are just some things you can't understand until you've lived with someone. For that alone, your freshman year roomie knows you better than most. She knows a few key things, like what it actually takes to wake you up in the morning, what makes you feel better when you're feeling down, and your favorite thing to do when you just want to relax. She could pretty much write a term paper on you, and you could do the same on her.

You Know Her Go-To Breakfast Foods

Real talk: Going to the dining hall alone stinks. Luckily, you never had to deal with that. You and your roomie always went to breakfast together, and because of that, you know her go-to meals and how she likes her coffee.

You Still Cry From Laughing So Hard At Those All-Nighters In The Dorm

All-nighters are inevitable in college. Mom isn't there telling you to go to bed, so it's easy to lose track of time. Before you know it, it's 3 a.m. Those late nights are when you and your roomie think everything is hilarious, and it's when you come up with some of your best inside jokes. To this day, they still make you cry from laughing so hard.

You Keep Each Other Updated On The Status Of Your Freshman Floor-Mates

Your dorm floor was pretty much your family freshman year. You may not have been super close to them, but you saw them all the time. When you end up moving on to the next dorm sophomore year, you lost track of some of them. Luckily, you and your roomie still keep each other up-to-date on freshman floor-mates when you bump into them, or see something new on the 'Gram.

You Were Her Biggest Cheerleader In School, And Now In Work Life

You may have gone through a phase of doubting your major, and the struggle was real when you were tasked with a couple of massive papers. That's when your bestie came in to save the day.

When you were having a major school meltdown, your bestie was there to cheer you on. At graduation day, you screamed the loudest when they called her name, and now you're still cheering for every job promotion and interview.

Next To Your Mom, She's The Person You Call When You're Sick

Getting sick for the first time in college was rough. It was the first time you did't have your mom there with a bowl of chicken noodle soup and blanket to make you feel better. When it happened, you were so grateful to have your roomie there to nurse you back to health. She ran to the store to grab some tissues and picked up soup from the dining hall. She was your hero — for real. Now when you get sick, she is still the one you call to save the day, or at least whine to.

She's Friends With Your High School Friends

You talked to her about your friends from home so much that she practically felt she went to school with them too. She is probably friends with them now on Instagram and Facebook, and when they come to visit, you all hang out like you've been friends for years. You knew your freshman year roomie would be a friend for life when she so effortlessly fit in with your squad back in college.

You Visited Each Other's Hometowns During The Summer

During the summer, you missed each other so much that you made plans to visit each other's hometowns. Not only did you get to finally see all her favorite spots she had been talking about all year, but you got to meet her family. Now, her family is like your family, and vice versa.