Here's What To Expect If You're Single This Month, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Sydnee Lyons

Sometimes when you're single, it's better to let the universe decide the fate of your love life, especially in March when spring — the season of change and new beginnings — is upon us. Although it's nice to know you don't always have to be in control, you can still figure out your March 2018 horoscope if you're single. That way, you won't be totally blindsided when you bump into your crush at your favorite coffee shop or when your best friend decides they want to set you up on that blind date after all.

If you're single this March, you have a few things to look forward to... besides spring break, that is. For many, March will be a month of professional and financial success, meaning that family, friends, and romantic partners won't always get the attention they deserve. That doesn't mean you should abandon all hopes of seeing sparks fly between you and a potential new partner. Be patient with yourself as you work through the challenges of learning to be your own person while simultaneously opening up to the possibilities of love.

Here's exactly what each of the zodiac signs should expect from their love lives over the next few weeks.


March will be all about going after new opportunities for you. Ask for that raise. Book that adventurous trip. Try that new workout. Your drive for personal success this month will mean that your love life won't be a priority. Instead, you'll want to prioritize your own happiness and bodily pleasures. Don't say no to casual dating but don't expect to have a whole lot of time to dedicate to a new partner, either. You'll have the most luck socializing with both old and new friends, which means that there'll be plenty of opportunities to scope out potential future partners.


March will be off to a great start for you. Career, health, and social engagement will be at the forefront of all your endeavors. Although your focus will be on new projects, you may feel inclined to allow others to lean on you and put their happiness above your own. Watch out for that person in your life whose feelings for you might be insincere. Rely on your practical side to guide your decisions — romantic and otherwise.


Despite your rough start to the year and recent financial hurdles you've had to overcome, your free spirit and relaxed nature will pave the way for exciting new connections with those around you. Trust your strong communication skills to connect you with the right people this month. You never know when someone you come across casually might become so much more.


This month will find you planning a trip for personal reasons, whether it's for a spring break vacation or an academic opportunity. Use this opportunity to meet new people and to connect on a deeper level with the people you already know. Because of the Lunar eclipse in Virgo on March 14, which falls in your third house of communication, you will be especially charming this month. Allow yourself to bask in this short break from reality as you welcome new relationships with fewer reservations than you typically would.


Luckily, personal relationships are at the top of your priority list this month. You're out to find love and your standards are high. Don't be surprised to find romance in your relationships with people whom you work closely with, particularly at school. Venus and Neptune come together in your seventh house this month, forcing you to see the benefits of working closely with others to resolve conflict. Through your management of shared resources and mutual responsibilities with your colleagues, you are learning to welcome them and others into your life.


You will be surprised to find people reaching out to you this month. Their demands might seem overwhelming at first but eventually, you will appreciate this incentive to step out of your comfort zone. As a personal challenge, say yes to more spontaneous dates, social gatherings, and collaborative efforts. This month is all about expanding your horizons.


You will have no problem attracting potential partners this month but be careful not to lose yourself in the process. Your tendency to prioritize the happiness of others could put you at risk of getting hurt. Love boldly but remember to protect your heart.


You are lucky in love this month, with potential suitors approaching you from all avenues of your life. Although it's easy to fall for any one of them, it's better to hold out for the person whose attention is more than just fleeting. In the meantime, embrace your need for compassion and intimacy without committing to one person prematurely. Your instincts are stronger than ever this month so rely on them when you're faced with difficult decisions.


With Mars in your opposite sign (Gemini), you may be on the defensive when it comes to potential new partners. You are not willing to compromise your independence for the sake of a romantic relationship. Take some time to be alone this month. Reflect on what you hope to get out of a romantic relationship and resume your search for love when you feel less hesitant.


Life has been hectic for you, leaving little time to even think about romantic connections. Resist the urge to give in to negative energy this month. Instead, channel your frustration into creative outlets like coming up with a funny bio for your dating app profile. It's OK to take a break from school and work every now and then.


Self-love is where it's at for you this month. You'll feel compelled to sacrifice your needs and wants to help others but you won't be doing yourself any favors. You can't afford to love someone else without truly loving yourself first. Don't get too preoccupied with the idea of designing the perfect relationship. Be enthusiastic but cautious about new love.


Positive energy is all around you. This month will be about making your dreams a reality and it won't be difficult with Uranus in your sun sign for the next seven years. Be intentional about what you want for yourself and believe that good things are coming to you. Since fate is on your side this month, don't be surprised by any serendipitous moments that enhance your love life. Maybe reach out to an old friend or the one that got away to see what they're up to.

Now that you know what to expect in your love life this month, you can focus on other important aspects of your life, like deciding what to watch on Netflix during spring break.

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