I Wrote The Perfect Dating App Bio For You To Get More Matches

Let's be honest, making the perfect dating profile isn't easy, even though plenty of casual daters love to spout off about how the key to success with online dating is to "just be yourself" and "not take it so seriously." But drafting the perfect dating app bio doesn't have to be rocket science.

The truth is, trying to meet someone via a dating app isn't so unlike window shopping. Something catches your eye, and you're forced to make a split second decision on whether or not you should venture into the store and try it on. Now, of course, once you end up in the store, you may take a closer look and realize for whatever reason it's not for you, or you may even decide to treat yourself to an impulse buy — only to realize once you get it home that it's not a good fit. You feel me?

Statistics show that bios are the actually the most helpful when it comes to starting conversations and keep them going. The goal of a standout bio shouldn't be to inform strangers on a ton of overly personal details about your life, but rather to present your best assets to essentially trigger an impulse buy and give your new admire a hint at a good conversation starter. Then you'll have some time after the fact to get to know each other on a more intimate level... or make a swift exit.

Here are some bio-inspo to keep those matches a-comin'.

Short And Sweet

Personally, I'm a huge fan of very brief bios. If you can make someone chuckle or feel intrigued in 40 words or less, then you're definitely headed in the right direction.

But, ultimately, when you have so few words, wit is everything. It's always a good idea to show rather than tell when it comes to humor. The height of my dating app days were all thanks to an idea I borrowed from a guy I went on a couple of dates with. He basically had a ton of book-style review quotes. The best part about this format is that you only have to come up with a few funny one liners and attach them to funny sources.

"She's my screen saver" - Mom

"I dream about her grilled cheese sandwiches; that girl has a gift" - Martha Stewart

"She makes Chef Boyardee edible" - Boy I Babysit

"She taught me everything I know " - Most Interesting Woman Alive

"Quite the young lady" - My Uncle Bill

A Bit More Detail

If you want to go the more traditional route, then coming up with a witty and charming way to talk about what you like in a person without being too serious is never a bad idea:

Hard-working bae looking for a guy with an adorable dog (will still consider a dogless boo, as long as he's open to puppying up in the near future).

Netflix and chill definitely qualifies as a legit date in my book, as long as there is some decadent delivery involved (it sounds like an oxymoron, but I promise you it's not).

Finish the lyric "Don't go chasin' waterfalls..."

A Well-Written Memoir

If you're planning on getting more wordy with it, be warned: The more you say, the more opportunity you are giving your dating app match to analyze you in a way that could lead them to be turned off without having exchanged a single message with you. If you're going this route, try to tell a funny story with a punch line that makes the time it takes to read worth it.

Ultimately, there's no need to panic when it comes to figuring out how to present yourself on a dating app, because there really are so many fish in the sea. If you're not getting the amount of matches you think you should be, try to remember that it only takes a couple of connections with people who are interested to lead you to someone you're compatible with.

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