5 Reasons Fall Semester Is The Ultimate Time To Live Your Best Single Life

by Jamie Kravitz

In college, fall semester always feels like an opportunity for a fresh start — whether you're a wide-eyed freshman, a cynical senior, or somewhere in between. It's like the fallen leaves crunching under your feet and the crisp autumn air are quietly encouraging you to make a major change. You set goals, like procrastinating less or socializing more. The onset of cuddle weather also means your classmates are going to start coupling up, and you might be tempted to start a new relationship sooner rather than later. But the truth is, being single during fall semester is highly underrated. Instead of settling down with someone right away, consider taking this time to enjoy your independence, explore your options, and embrace your freedom.

You're pretty much guaranteed to learn valuable lessons about love, sex, and dating during your time in school. You'll experiment and discover what you like and dislike. You'll experience heartbreak. You may fall in love. But you have your whole life to find the one. You don't need to plan your future just yet. College is the best time in your life to be single and dating. It's the one time in your life where you have seemingly endless dating options and opportunities — and the time to actually take advantage of them. Here are five reasons why your fall semester of college is the ultimate time to embrace the single life.

There's always something going on.

Fall semester is packed with activities, both on and off-campus. From sorority and fraternity mixers and tours of your surrounding city or town, to house parties and sports games, each of these events are designed to help you meet people at your school and in your community. So, take advantage of these opportunities to make new friends, flirt with cute coeds, and enjoy the single life.

Study dates, study dates, and more study dates.

When you're single during fall semester, every class presents you with the chance to snag a study buddy. Ace your exams and bond with your classmates by asking a few different people to get coffee and go over the week's assignments with you. Playing the field is one of the best parts of college, so don't feel like you have to stick to one partner (romantic or academic).

Fall weather is the perfect excuse to get cozy.

Fall weather means cozy sweaters and cuddling up on the common room couch with a warm blanket, a good movie, and an even better date. Plus, fall has so many opportunities for adorable first dates. Apple-picking, pumpkin carving, sipping hot chocolate, afternoon walks in the park... In fall, your options are practically endless. Instead of forcing a brand new partner to endure all of these couple-y activities, why not try each one with someone new?

You don't have to commit to the first person you hook up with.

Many freshmen in college make the choice to start dating the first person they hook up with during fall semester. While some of these couples live happily ever after, some people aren't ready or aren't interested in being in a relationship with the first person they drunkenly make out with at a Halloween party. By committing to being single during fall semester, you can meet tons of people and make sure you aren't rushing into something simply because it's convenient.

You can focus on your platonic relationships.

Romances come and go, but your college friends can be forever. If you're not preoccupied with a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can focus on making great friends and building platonic relationships that will last you a lifetime. Bond with your roomies, talk to your classmates, and make friends in the dining hall. Yes, you might happen upon a future partner this way, but you won't be too busy trying to find a significant other to actually meet new people.

You have all of college (and the rest of your life) to be in a monogamous relationship. Challenge yourself to stay single this semester, and you might just be surprised by how much you enjoy it.

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