Guys Reveal How They Really Feel About Going Apple Picking With You

by Alexia LaFata

If the season is fall and you don't go apple picking with your boyfriend, are you even in a relationship? Some might argue no, and I would probably agree with them. Now that the weather is finally showing signs of fall, couples everywhere are throwing on some flannel and embarking on a journey to the nearest orchard to pick some sweet, sweet apples. We all know that ladies love apple picking, whether for the Instagram or the genuine love of apple pie (but mostly the Instagram). But do guys actually like apple picking dates? More importantly, are they onto the fact that the purpose of an apple picking date is not to pick apples, but to take a perfectly cozy and rustic fall picture?

I decided to ask some guys how they really feel about going apple picking with their girlfriends. Do they go just to make her happy, or do they genuinely enjoy it? Here's what they said.

This guy absolutely freakin' loves it.

I would pick the sh*t out of some apples. Who doesn't love apples? Or apple cider? Or apple pie? Or apple crumb cake? Or candy apples?

— John, 29

This guy thinks social media ruined it.

What bothers me most about this is it's no longer about two people going out together and having a nice date apple picking. It's about how can we go apple picking and look cute and get a great Instagram picture. When you have to plan an outfit that'll be cute enough to Instagram, it ruins the intimacy between you and your significant other's time. Your priorities are showcasing your moment instead of living in it.
Also, you can buy apples in any store at any time at any moment.

— Mike, 26

This guy would have to check his feelings first.

Depends on how much we like the girl.

— Tom, 25

This guy has actually been waiting for his girlfriend to ask to go.

Been trying to go with my girlfriend for weeks. Food? Flannel? Being outside? Sign me up.

— Ken, 27

This girl thinks apple picking is "annoying as f*ck."

As a lesbian who dates apple picking girls, it's annoying as f*ck. I don't want to freeze and pretend to get off on picking apples. Too many children around. Plus, apples give people gas, which is not sexy.

— Zara, 31

This guy would do it to make his girlfriend happy.

Heeeeeell yeah, I’d go apple picking.
1. Apples.
2. Apple cider donuts.
3. Happy girlfriend.
1 + 2 + 3 = happy me

— Tommy, 27

This guy is in it for the corn maze and apple cider donuts.

Two apple picks a season at most. Only part I don't like is how many apples I come home with. A bushel of apples is so many apples. And I refuse to go to an apple orchard that isn't making apple cider donuts. Also, if there is a corn maze, we have to do that as well.

— CJ, 25

This guy may love it more than his girlfriend.

My girlfriend and I love apple picking! Dressing up in fall clothes, getting all the apples we want, and the apple cider and apple cider donuts. Mmmm!

— Dustin, 24

This guy thinks it means something significant.

I always take that as a sign the relationship's getting serious.

— Paul, 30

This guy thinks the idea of it is annoying, but he enjoys it.

I actually like to go apple picking with my girlfriend. I guess the idea of it is annoying, but it’s super fun to go and climb trees and watch each other make fools of themselves!

— Jacob, 24

This guy knows what's really up when his girlfriend asks.

I don't mind, but let's not get it twisted — I know what we're going for. The picture. So I make sure I dress appropriately (aka flannel, jeans, boots, and Ray Bans, of course). When us guys are asked to go apple picking, the relationship veterans should already know what that really means.

— Lou, 29

This guy loves to get resourceful with it.

F*ck yeah, all the apples you can eat. One time I brought a jar of peanut butter.

— Matt, 24

This guy is "totally down" for it.

Totally down for apple picking.

— Fil, 25

This guy thinks it's super basic.

It's horrendously basic. You can buy apples at grocery stores. The only reason couples go apple-picking is for the photo opp.

— Bobby, 28

This guy is grateful he has a girlfriend to go with so he doesn't have to ask his friends.

We like fall activities, too! I would never ask my boys to go apple or pumpkin picking, so thank god for the girlfriend.

— Andrew, 24

This guy thinks anyone who says they like apple picking is lying.

I've literally never met anyone, be they a man, woman, or non-binary, who is even interested in apple picking.

— Joseph, 25

This guy is not into it, but he would make the sacrifice for his girlfriend.

My girlfriend is a huge fall person. I am not into it because most places charge a stupid amount to go pick your own apples or pumpkins, when I can go to the store and buy a bigger or better one for less money. Apple picking is one thing we haven't done, but despite me not really liking it all, I wouldn't tell her no. Sacrifices are made.

— Nicholas, 24

This guy would pretend to hate it but low-key love it.

I wouldn't care. I'd pretend to be like "Ughhh, she's making me go to the orchard." But I'd secretly like it.

— Jimmy, 25

Naturally, I had to ask my boyfriend how he felt about apple picking dates. His response? "I've actually never been apple picking."

Ummm, what? Can someone grab me a flannel and a Valencia filter ASAP? Thanks.

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