If You're Obsessed With Your Birthday, These Memes Will Speak To Your Soul

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated to the fullest. I mean, who wouldn't want to announce to the entire world, so that it's crystal clear, that this special day revolves exclusively around you? Plus, your birthday is a day dedicated to eating confetti cupcakes in a cute AF glittery dress, while being surrounded by all of your favorite people. What more could you ask for? It really is the perfect day from start to finish, and if you're obsessed with your birthday just as much as I am, you'll be saying, "same" when you see these hilariously relatable memes.

Honestly, bless whoever invented the Internet meme. They have made expressing our millions of feelings on social media so much easier with just one simple pic. All you have to do is share, and right away, your friends will know exactly what you're thinking. Not only will these nine memes get across that your birthday is a very important celebration to you, but they'll also provide a good laugh to everyone who sees them. It's time to share on social media, chuckle to yourself, and get right back to partying. It's your birthday, and there are presents and cake waiting for you.

There's Nothing Else To See On The Internet Today
sheruarora on Twitter

This meme is letting your friends know that it's time to put their phones down. All focus should be on the fact that it's your birthday, because duh, no other funny tweet, news article, or picture of a cat matters at all right now. They can wait until tomorrow. If they must hit up social media, the only thing they should be doing is giving your birthday pictures some likes. That honestly deserves a few brownie points.

Be As Selfish As You Please, Birthday Queen
aminah_lilli on Twitter

You're not even being selfish on your birthday — you're just celebrating the facts of life. It is a special day dedicated to the fact that the world became more fabulous because you were born. You're just gently reminding everyone why it's so important.

Birthdays Are Meant To Be Meme'd
itscherjones on Twitter

The Dos Equis man is a popular meme, but The Most Interesting Man in the World may very well need to step aside for the day, because all eyes are on you, birthday queen. And if you can't find a birthday meme you love, make one of your own. Everyone deserves a quality birthday meme.

When You're Shaking Your Birthday Card Hoping To Find A Dope Gift Card Inside
kerthmoney99 on Twitter

Let's face it, when you open birthday cards from your relatives, you might be peeping for a cool gift card or some cash. You give it a little shake, waiting for something green to fall out. When it doesn't, this meme will make you LOL. Sure, you're very grateful for this thoughtful card, but money would just be the icing on the cake.

This Is Obviously How You Answer Every Birthday Phone Call
aapplero5e on Twitter

No need to beat around the bush here. You're just being honest and giving the people what they want. It is your birthday and you are awesome. A fact is a fact, OK?!

No Shame, You Love Your Birthday
alep10499 on Twitter

I will never understand people who don't do it up on their birthday. Those of us who are obsessed with the day we were born will always be loud and proud about celebrating; it's simply how we roll. Let the haters hate. We'll just keep being birthday queens.

Eating Cake For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Is Necessary
hamilhatz on Twitter

Your birthday is the perfect occasion to eat as much cake as your heart desires. There are so many different kinds of cake out there to try, from regular cakes and cookie cakes, to ice cream cakes and cupcakes. You name a cake, and it's fair game for the birthday girl.

Dancing Like Tina On Your Birthday Is Crucial
cloudykimm on Twitter

Tina from Bob's Burgers is all of us on our birthday. We just want to party and dance like no one's watching. Who can blame us? Be your own Tina, and keep on twerking to your birthday jam.

It's Your Party, And You Want Presents
bethkrysta on Twitter

Forget winter. Your birthday is coming, and you want presents. You may try to keep it together, but inside, you're Khaleesi screaming for birthday gifts, cards, and sweet treats. You don't ask for much, just something that's preferably wrapped with a big, shiny bow.