10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Obsessed With Your Birthday Month

Your birthday is a day that revolves exclusively around you — but if you think 24 hours isn't enough time for commemorating your life, you celebrate your entire birthday month. From start to finish, you are living it up. No matter what age you're turning, this month was the beginning of your fabulous presence on this Earth. (Thanks, Mom!) If you're obsessed with your birthday month, the fun just keeps on coming, and you're here for it.

Sure, you might confuse people who are just getting to know you, because they won't be able to determine which day of the month is actually your birthday. Eventually, they'll be up to speed with the fact that you fist pump and eat confetti cake throughout the entire month. I mean, why shouldn't you? It's your party, and you can rage as long as you want to.

You're enjoying your life to the max, and if that means decking your apartment out in balloons and streamers for the month, then so be it. No one can ruin your birthday mentality unless you let them. You've been celebrating it this way for so long, there's no chance of anything breaking your stride now. You only get one birthday month, after all. So, if you're high-key obsessed with this very special time of the year, you know these 10 things to be all too true.

You Have A Legit Countdown For When The Month Approaches

Forget counting down the days until your actual birthday; you are anxiously awaiting for the entire month to arrive. You might have a countdown set on your phone, or have it written on your work calendar in neon marker. Either way, you are always anticipating this month filled with a lot of glitter and birthday cupcakes. It can't come soon enough.

You Have Birthday Plans Scattered Throughout The Month

You know how people normally do one birthday dinner or outing to celebrate? Well, you're not about that life, and you tend to have a handful of plans scheduled throughout the month. Whether it's going out for drinks with your coworkers, or linking up with your parents for brunch, you make it a point to celebrate in more ways than one.

You Know Everything About Your Zodiac Sign

When you are obsessed with your birthday month, you know everything there is to know about your zodiac sign. You want to know what makes your birthday special, and you look to the stars to assure yourself that it is. You probably check your horoscope daily during your month.

You Eat Birthday Cake As Much As You Can

Who wants to be restricted to solely one day for eating birthday cake? During your special month, you find any excuse to eat cake and birthday treats. You don't even need to have candles to enjoy it, either. At least two cakes throughout the duration of the month have to be lit, though.

You Have Outfits Picked Out That Lead Up To Your Actual Birthday

It's your birthday, so being extra is essential. Your work outfits are straight fire, and don't even get me started on your going out ensembles. The grand finale — aka, the outfit of all outfits — gets worn on your actual birthday, even if you love the entire month.

You Have To Explain To At Least One Person That Your Birthday Is A Month-Long Affair

Not everyone is going to know immediately that it's your birthday month and you celebrate it to the fullest. It can be a tad frustrating, but you have to explain to some people that this is just how you roll. To be honest, it's probably one of the first things you tell them as a fun fact about yourself when you meet them.

You Immediately Vibe With People Who Share The Same Birthday Month As You

Same birthday month? Instant friendship. You're always curious and excited about people who are born around the same time as you. You might even try to make plans with them, because they have reason to celebrate, too.

You Know Which Celebrities Were Born The Same Month As You

Are you born the same month as Bey or Riri? By now, you already know if you are, and it might give you another reason to be obsessed with your birthday month. Obviously, anything involving Bey is a surefire sign that you're doing something right.

You Have Multiple Pieces of Jewelry With Your Birthstone

You never forget about the bling. There's a beautiful stone dedicated to your birthday month, and you aren't afraid to buy every necklace you see that has your birthstone on it. After all, your birthday bling was meant to make you shine so glamorously.

You Have Backup Plans For Your Backup Plans

For your birthday month, you want things to run as smoothly as possible. You know perfection isn't realistic, but that's why you have a plan B, and a plan C, in case anything falls through. No day is an idle day during your birthday month, and you make sure of that.

To a person who loves their birthday month, their actual birthday never loses its meaning. Celebrate yourself in whatever way you see fit.