If Brunching Is Your Favorite Hobby, You'll Say "Yes, Please" To These 11 Things

Brunch is everything. It's a time when you can put the week behind you and recharge for the next one. It's a chill time when drinking champagne at 9 a.m. is perfectly OK. It's a picture-worthy moment to grab Instagram #content that will last for weeks. Brunch understands your needs on the weekend better than any other plan does at that moment. If you're obsessed with brunch, you'll say "yes, please" to these things.

Some brunch naysayers might tell you that brunch is "just breakfast at noon," but that's because they don't understand the true beauty of the meal. Not only can you have breakfast at noon, but you can have lunch at dawn (but you're probably not up that early), and bottomless drinks to your heart's content.

And what these naysayers may not realize is that real brunching is like a serious sport or work of art. Serious brunchers plan everything in advance — from their outfits, to which parts of the restaurant are the most picturesque, to which menu items are worth ordering (based solely on Instagram appeal).

Brunch is a special experience, and anyone who says otherwise just does not get it. This list will surely give you all of the brunch planning vibes for the weekend.

Bottomless Mimosas, Because Duh

I mean, this one is pretty obvious. Normally, three mimosas before 11 a.m. could be a bit much. But at brunch, anything goes. You can take advantage of all of the different types of drinks your heart desires at brunch — from mimosas, to Bloody Marys, to peach bellinis — and no one will bat an eye. Your Insta game will be spot-on.

A Perfect Slice Of Avocado Toast With A Runny Egg On Top

Fact: There are few things in life better than a well-made avocado toast. Another fact: There are even fewer things in life better than a well-made avocado toast with a perfectly poached egg on top. (I mean one that oozes yolk when you poke it, leaving you with a savory piece of toast that you end up dreaming about for days.)

A Cute Brunch Spot That Will Give You A Perfect Pic For The 'Gram

What is brunch for if not to snap a million pics for the 'Gram? Any avid brunch lover knows that ambiance is everything, and even if a spot has great food, it's not worth visiting unless there's a spot to get a great pic. (Fact: Extra points if the food looks as divine as it tastes.)

Lattes With Adorable Art On Top That Will Accent Your Flat-Lay

Flat-lay snaps are a must at every brunch. Even if your food is picturesque, adorable unique drinks are the perfect addition to the table. Creative latte art is trendy right now, and so perfect to capture the foamy creation of your Instagram dreams.

Eggs Benedict With Layers Of Hollandaise, Please

Eggs Benedict is my absolute favorite brunch menu item. I look forward to going to brunch, because it means that I can enjoy the Hollandaise sauce. (I'm that extra person who asks for more Hollandaise on the side.) Like a good avo toast, eggs Benedict would not be perfect without a gorgeously runny egg. (And did I mention heaps and heaps of Hollandaise?).

Breakfast Food Past Breakfast Time ('Nuff Said)

Most brunch lovers can relate to being able to eat breakfast at any point of the day. But if you're not in a city with a diner on every street corner like NYC, chances are, your all-day breakfast options are pretty limited. The beauty of brunch is that you can have all of your favorite breakfast treats past normal breakfast time.

Also Lunch Food Before Lunch Time

Want a burger at 9:30 a.m.? Brunch has your back. Not only is brunch an acceptable way to enjoy breakfast food after the morning is over, but you can also scarf down some lunch favorites before noon. It's not uncommon to have pizza, corned beef hash, and pancakes on your table all at once.

Time To Reconnect With Your Best Gal Pals

I don't know about you, but I will never turn down an opportunity to brunch with some friends. It's especially nice if they are friends I haven't seen in a while. Bonding over brunch is a beautiful way to reconnect with some older friends, or to keep up with your current ones.

Feeling A Sense Of Accomplishment For Getting Up Before Noon On A Sunday

Let's be honest: Getting up early is so hard, especially on Sundays. So if you're able to roll out of bed and get to your brunch spot before noon, you're golden. It feels pretty darn good to be up "early" on a weekend. When there's a brunch goal involved, getting up is a much easier task.

The Aromas Of Maple Syrup, Coffee, And Bacon Are Just Hard To Beat

The aromas of brunch are honestly some of the best in the world, in my opinion. At brunch, maple syrup, coffee, bacon, and orange juice combine in harmony. The thought of it will inevitably wake up your groggy weekend self in time to get your week started.

The Anticipation Of Sunday Brunch Has Your Mouth Watering

Brunch is just really exciting, OK? I'm not ashamed to admit that I often daydream about my upcoming brunch plans and think of all the things I want to order. I even budget my week accordingly so I can save my money for brunch.

If you love brunch as much as I do, this list probably just made your mouth water. (And you're probably researching your next brunch spot right now.)