Your Ultimate Guide To Moving in Together In The Fall

by Ginny Hogan
Ivo De Bruijn, Stocksy

Moving in together can be a thrilling time in any relationship, because you’re taking the next step in sharing a life with your partner. Whether you've lived with a partner before or not, you'll need to be ready for some changes. Suddenly, your toilet paper isn’t just your toilet paper anymore, and that’s something you’ll have to adjust to. If your lease expires over the summer and you've set a move-in date, it may be time to start preparing yourself for moving in together in the fall.

Fall is a time of change: The leaves change colors, kids go back to school, and you hang your bikini up for another year (except for impromptu indoor pool parties, obviously). Fall can also be an incredible time of transition, and moving in with a partner symbolizes a transition in the relationship. You'll experience the joy of convenience when you no longer have to wonder where you toothbrush is, but you'll also have to adjust to sharing parts of your life you haven't before. Also, you'll join forces in taking care of a home together (#adulting much?), and these challenges can bring you closer together.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about moving in together in autumn!

You’ll Have A Wide Selection Of Homes

According to, the majority of moves happen between May and September. This means you and your partner will have a ton of homes to choose from, so you may have to go to more viewings to find that perfect place. Don’t let the options overwhelm you, though — the increased selection is a chance to find a home that truly feels magical.

You’ll Be Competing With College Students

Schools start back up in the fall, so if you live somewhere with a lot of colleges and universities, you may be competing with them for apartments and houses. According to, November is the cheapest time of year for rent in some cities, so you can consider pushing the move back to mid-fall if you want to avoid the college rush.

Fall Decorations Work Year-Round

From fall-scented candles to baskets of pine cones, fall decorations are just about the coziest ones. If you love the color-scheme of changing leaves and throw blankets, you might want to fall (pun-intended, sorry) in love with your fall decorations. If you move in together in the fall, there’s no need to redecorate for the other seasons — everyone loves the pumpkin-spice aroma, even in the spring.

You’ll Have To Prepare For The Cold Together

Living together for the first time comes with many challenges, but that can be a good thing. According to BetterHelp, couples who work together towards a common goal often come out the other end stronger than they were before. So get excited for you and your partner to chill-proof your house this fall! And don't forget — you can always cuddle more if your blankets aren't warm enough.

Your Families May Invite Themselves Over For Thanksgiving

Now that you and your partner live together, your family (or your partner’s) might think your home is the perfect Thanksgiving spot. It’s so convenient to have the two of you living together, and it’s a great chance for your families to bond, right? Not necessarily. If you don’t want to have your family over, it’s OK to say no. According to The Hutchinson News, saying no to family members is incredibly challenging, but you’re allowed to be assertive and inform them that you’re unable to host. It’s your home, after all.

Don’t Forget To Schedule Time For Romance

Do you and your partner go apple picking every fall? It’s a romantic tradition, and you’ll want to make sure that just because you live together, you don’t forget to schedule time for it. According to Glamour, it’s common for couples to forget about quality time once they live together (because now all your time at home is time together), and this is a surefire way to let the romance wilt like the leaves. So if you’re moving in together in the fall, make sure you still put apple picking on the calendar.

Moving in together is as exciting as it is terrifying. Fall is a time of change and new beginnings, and so it makes sense that you’d pick this season to grow your relationship as well. These tips should get you ready to make a move as seamless as the new linens you’re getting for your brand new shared home!