Here's What To Know If You're A Cancer & Your Mom Is A Scorpio

by Valerie Mesa

Astrology always comes in handy. Studying each celestial archetype can really help you learn about yourself and the people around you. Also, understanding the compatibility among the four astrological elements (fire, earth, air, water) is important. So if you're a Cancer and your mom is a Scorpio, you're both ruled by the same astrological element (water), which means you're naturally compatible with each other. Though a mother-daughter relationship may always be tricky for some, knowing more about the parts at play when it comes to your relationship is valuable intel.

For instance, I'm a Cancer and my mom is a Leo, so we are literally night and day, the sun and the moon, when it comes to our personalities. However, we both have natal water moons, and given that the moon rules our emotions, we are always on the same emotional wavelength. Sometimes I purposely share something with her that had me in tears, whether it be happy or sad, and she reacts the exact same way I did. That is, of course, until her Leo temper flares or one of my Cancer moods kick in.

No relationship is perfect, which is why I believe it doesn't hurt to dig a little deeper and see things from a completely different perspective. This is one of the many reasons why I love astrology. Something as simple as learning about your sun sign can really help you channel your strengths and show others your good side.

With that said, if you're a Cancer and your mom is a Scorpio, this is what you need to know about your relationship:


Ruled by the hypersensitive astrological element water, which is a symbol of the divine feminine, Cancer and Scorpio go about their lives in very similar ways. Well, with the exception that intuitive Cancer is a cardinal sign and smoldering Scorpio is a fixed sign. Cancer's cardinal waters thrive on initiating experiences where they can be emotionally vulnerable with others and vise versa. They are nurturing, changeable, and tender with their loved ones.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is totally different in the sense that its fixed waters can make expressing their emotions quite challenging. Fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are highly stubborn and very much set in their ways, but this only proves why they're so compatible with their sister water sign Cancer. Can you guess why that is? Cancer's instinct to nurture can help Scorpio feel secure enough to express themselves, despite their innate fears of betrayal and, funnily enough, the same goes for Cancer.

Cancer is hypersensitive and incredibly guarded, but Scorpio's smoldering intensity and x-ray vision helps Cancer feel safe, seen, and emotionally understood. Needless to say, a Scorpio-Cancer mother-daughter relationship is nothing short of complementary. Not only do these two water signs share similar values, they're both equally complex and totally secretive. This mother-daughter duo most likely shares a number secrets they'll take to the grave and a bond like no other.

A Scorpio mother will teach their Cancer child emotional strength and remind them to follow their intuition. Although, one thing's for sure, a Cancer child will also teach their Scorpio mother a thing or two, and because water is a spiritual element, this combination can also be karmic in both of their lives. What I mean is, perhaps in a previous lifetime, the Cancer child was the Scorpio's mother — if not their sibling. This is quite the mystical pairing.