The Kind Of Mom You Probably Have, According To Her Zodiac Sign

Ah, mothers. She's your first love, the first person in the world you ever bond with. You are her, and she is you. She's the bane of your existence and the shoulder you know you can always cry on. You're the source of all her worries, and yet, the love she has for you is the purest love of all. From your perspective, your mom is just your mom. But beyond her lifelong commitment to protect you is her own personality. She has hopes, she has dreams, she has beauty, and she also has problems. I mean, after all, your mom is only human, and the type of mom you have, according to her zodiac sign, will probably feel so accurate that you won't know whether to laugh or to cry.

We often use astrology to analyze our own identities. However, taking a closer look at the zodiac signs of the people closest in your life gives you an even deeper understanding of the world you live in. Who better to start with than your mom? And let me tell you, your mom's zodiac sign says almost as much about you as it does about her. After all, she did raise you.

Aries: The Mom Who Isn't Afraid To Cause A Scene

If you have an Aries for a mom, she's probably embarrassed you with her fiery personality some point or another. Being somewhat of a loose cannon, she's known for saying the first thing that comes to mind and never backing down from a fight. However, you know damn well that her tempestuous energy will torch all your enemies. She lights a fuse inside of you that helps you conquer your dreams — and she's also super fun.

Taurus: The Mom Who's Always Trying To Give You Food

If you have a Taurus for a mom, you basically have the quintessential mother. This woman is always cooking, always cleaning, and truthfully, she's always lecturing you too. The way she shows love is by telling you what to do, because she knows best. And most of the time, she does. She may be ridiculously stubborn, but at the end of the day, she's saved your life countless times. She also gives the best hugs in the world.

Gemini: The Mom Who Always Has The Juiciest Gossip

If you have a Gemini for a mom, you know that she's the biggest gossip on the block and the best source for the latest scoop. Whenever you're fighting with someone, she's the best person to talk to. She probably never had to punish you, because her ability to tell it like it is is punishing enough. You often wish she'd stop getting so distracted and focus. However, you know her mind is always racing, and it's concocting a genius plan with you in mind.

Cancer: The Mom Who's Everyone Else's Mom Too

If you have a Cancer for a mom, you know that you will never stop being a sweet and adorable baby in her eyes. This woman will forever coddle you, forever dote on you, and your friends probably consider her their second mom too. However, once you make her mad, you've unleashed the moodiest woman on the planet; a woman so passive aggressive that you will soon be begging for her to forgive you. Eh, she's worth it.

Leo: The Mom Who Thinks Her Kid Is Literally Royalty

If you have a Leo for a mom, you've got a mom who will brag about you like you're an actual prodigy in public, but will also grind your gears in private, constantly reminding you of all the things you need to work on. In her eyes, you're definitely an extension of her reputation. However overwhelming she may be, you know she always wants what's best for you, and you know she would literally move mountains in order to give you a better life.

Virgo: The Mom Who's Got Her Eye On Everything

If you have a Virgo for a mom, you have a mom who lets nothing slide. There is a specific order in her world and she expects you to abide by it. She probably knew your teachers super well and scrutinized your homework every night. Even though she can be a real stickler for the rules, you know she has a wild side, and truth be told, you absolutely love bringing it out of her. In the end, your world would probably fall apart without her help.

Libra: The Mom All Your Friends Have A Crush On

If you have a Libra for a mom, you probably have the most charming, stylish, and glamorous mom of all the moms you know. Chances are, any guy friends you bring over are immediately crushing on her. However, she can also be pretty superficial, and you probably wish she'd stop pretending everything is perfect and just be real for once. However, at the end of the day, your Libra mom isn't just your mom. She's also your best friend.

Scorpio: The Super Overprotective And Die Hard Mom

If you have a Scorpio for a mom, then she's literally so paranoid and concerned about you that you sometimes wish you could just have some space. However, when she actually does give you that space, you instantly start missing her. Sure, she's definitely a helicopter mom who knows all your secrets (even the ones you try to hide), but she's also the definition of ride or die, and she would literally take a bullet for you in a heartbeat.

Sagittarius: The Cool Mom Who Let's You Off The Hook

If you have a Sagittarius for a mom, you basically have a cool older sister instead of a mom. She's always encouraged you to embark on adventures, push the limit, and she's probably given you a much looser leash than the other moms. While her youthfulness is always fun, she can definitely be obnoxious and immature at times, making you wish she was more self-aware. However, you wouldn't trade her wildness for anything in the world.

Capricorn: The Mom With Super High Expectations

If you have a Capricorn for a mom, you probably grew up with a tight schedule and a strict curfew. She signed you up for a million different classes as a kid and had the biggest dreams for you imaginable. Many times have her expectations been overwhelming and she's probably inadvertently given you a rebellious streak. However, you're grateful for the strengths you now have, and for the way she's taught you to take care of yourself.

Aquarius: The Eccentric Mom Who Intimidates Other Moms

If you have an Aquarius for a mom, you have a mom that stands out like a sore thumb against all the other moms. She's beyond unique and she doesn't care what anyone thinks about it. Maybe you've wished she could just act normal, for her wacky eccentricity has definitely intimidated others. However, that's just the way she likes it. At the end of it all, she's always nurtured your individuality and taught you never to follow the crowd.

Pisces: The Hippie Mom Who's Basically A Kid Too

If you have a Pisces for a mom, she most likely raised you with extreme sensitivity, dreamy softness, and a pure heart. I wouldn't be surprised if she's also a total hippie who radiates flower child energy and "the good old days." There were times you wish she had disciplined you more or pushed you harder. Fighting with her is probably also a drag, because you hate hurting her feelings. However, she's an endless source of zen in your life.