How You Are When You Meet The Parents, According To Your Zodiac Sign

When it's time to meet your S.O.'s parent's, you know things are getting serious. You've survived the first date jitters, delved deep into the sexy honeymoon phase, and you've both come to the conclusion that this isn't just some passing fling. Once you meet the parents, you've started something that can't be undone. You make an impression on their closest loved ones that can make or break your entire relationship. If their parents fall just as in love with you as your partner has, the sound of wedding bells may start ringing in your ears. If the meeting ends up being rockier than ideal... well, you have to ask yourself whether or not you can coexist with their complicated kin. Regardless, how you are when you meet the parents, according to your zodiac sign, will probably sound all too familiar.

Even though every single sign in the zodiac is capable of impressing the parental units beyond belief, not all energy is compatible. Since my Cancer rising and Gemini sun combination has led me to being an offbeat mix of shyness and caustic cleverness in the face of an S.O.'s intimidating parents, I know all about that awkward tension that can form in such a meeting. If you're about to enter the lion's den yourself, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


You're probably on an energized mission to prove your worth by showing off your achievements, intelligence, and ability to be useful. To you, winning over the parents takes on a whole new meaning, and you're not going to lose. However, you're also waiting for them to win you over in return. Who can accomplish it first?


Your instinct is to be dignified and graceful. You're definitely teetering between amiable flattery and nearly Victorian-era politeness. Finding any chance to help around the house or assist in the kitchen is definitely a given, and you're also probably dressed in your most fashionably conservative ensemble.


"Charming" is your middle name, and you use this talent of yours to the furthest extent. You're probably taking every opportunity to crack a joke, impressing them with your knowledge on several topics, and finding something in common with them, even if you have nothing in common. No matter what, awkward silence will be avoided.


You're probably super shy at first, but once you become comfortable enough, you're telling all sorts of sweet stories about how much you love their kid, how much you love your family, and you've definitely become best friends with their dog. If it all goes well, you're all exchanging deep hugs by the time it's over.


You're instinct is to be playful and impress with your creativity. You're making sure the evening isn't a boring one, no matter what you're doing. You might be encouraging everyone to play a game that you all can bond over or even getting everyone to sing along to some music. Charisma is your key to success here.


You prove your worth through your intellect and your steady reliability. If there's something in their house that needs fixing, you'll spend the whole night fixing it. If you find an opportunity to provide help or make future promises, you'll take it. Your ability to follow through with commitments is what you know will win them over.


You radiate positive energy and you're probably smiling from the second you meet them until the second you leave. You go out of your way to show just how grateful you are to be in their presence and how excited you've been to meet them. Your vibe is charming, harmonious, and easy to please. Even if you're dying inside, they'd never know it.


You're probably investigative and secretive at first, taking time to inspect the situation until you're comfortable enough to let your guard down. At that point, your passion for your S.O. and his family can't help but seep through, despite how much you'd like to keep an aura of mystery surrounding you and leave them all wanting more.


Being the natural knowledge-seeker you are, you're probably asking the parental units a million questions that range from how they met to some of your S.O.'s embarrassing childhood moments. At the end of the day, this meeting is an experience you're going to live through to the fullest, and you're not gonna let shyness hold you back.


You're probably telling them all about your career plans, your successes, your educational background, and you know what, you probably considered handing them a resumé that lists all the many reasons you're a worthy partner for their child. You're also definitely doing anything you can to provide a helping hand.


You go out of your way to show that you're a completely irreplaceable and unique match for their kid. Charming them with your eccentric humor, impressing them with your rare talents, and expressing your passion for humanity is all definitely on the itinerary. You also make sure to show you're a mature and independent adult.


You emanate sensitivity, going out of your way to give them genuine compliments and reveal deeper parts of yourself. You show them that you're vulnerable and you're probably trying to connect with them over topics such as art, your childhood, and some of the things you've been through. Your honesty will be refreshing.