If Your Sister-In-Law Is More Like A Sister, This List Will Make You Say "Same"

When you think of someone who's like a sister, what do you envision? You probably imagine someone who totally gets you, and appreciates your quirks and corniest jokes. (Let's be honest: That meme was only kind of funny.) You also probably imagine that finding that person takes all the stars aligning just right. But, when all the pieces fall into place, it can be the most beautiful thing. Suddenly, you have a person in your life who you can consistently rely on, laugh with, and rave about on the reg. So, here's the scoop: If your sister-in-law is like a sister, you'll totally relate to all of these things and then some.

I guess you should start by thanking your sibling for bringing this person into you life. Without them, you wouldn't have someone sending you endless funny texts and memes all day long, or a family member who's basically your best friend. Without them, you might be sifting through your own clothes, bored with the same 'ole sweaters and T-shirts, and wouldn't know about the latest and greatest brands. (Your sister-in-law has really changed your life and your closet, huh?)

The truth is, she is just like a sister to you. She's the person you call when you have a question about your period symptoms, or want to grab a bite to eat somewhere. She's also the reason why you can say "same" to this entire list.

You Share All Of Your Clothes And Closet Space

First things first: Your sister-in-law is more like a sister, because you two may swap clothes on the regular. She has your favorite college sweatshirt, and you have her super chic red dress. You're at the point where you don't even ask for permission before opening up her drawers and pulling out a sweater or pair of jeans.

The best part, though? The phrase, "I have nothing to wear," isn't even in your vocabulary anymore. You have full access to someone else's wardrobe, and your sister-in-law will gladly help you pick out the perfect look.

To be honest: The moment you swapped a pair of earrings or lent her a T-shirt for the gym, you knew it was a match made in heaven. Thanks, universe!

You Send Each Other Funny Texts And Memes

Like a best friend you've known forever, or a sister who's been in your life since day one, you and your sister-in-law send each other lots of funny texts. You send selfies with hilarious filters on your face, and memes you found online. She just understands your sense of humor, more so than anyone else in your life.

Every time she sends you a GIF or tweet that's particularly funny, you save it to your camera roll. You pull it out when she needs a pick-me-up, or is having a rough day at work and could use a solid laugh. That's what you're here for, right? Well, you and your sibling.

You Ask For Her Opinion On, Well, Basically Everything

You look up to your sister-in-law for, well, everything. She just has so much life experience and good advice. It's hard not to ask for her second opinion on your relationships, outfit choices, and professional life. Dating? She knows what text to send. Interview? She knows what blazer to wear. (She's basically a superhero, if you ask me.)

Most importantly, though, you know that — like a sister — she wants the best for you. She would never steer you in the wrong direction, and isn't afraid to be blunt when you need the hard truth the most. She's a reliable shoulder to cry on, and the best person to go to when you need a confident "thumbs up." You're truly lucky to have her around.

You Get The Best Presents From Her, And Vice Versa

Your sister-in-law has been in your life for quite a while now, which means that she knows a lot about you. She knows that you love to spend your Saturday mornings making waffles with your best friends, and listen to Taylor Swift music in your spare time. She knows all the brands you shop, and the things that you would never (like in a million years) wear. All of these facts and little truths lead to one thing: the best presents ever.

Whether it's the holidays, your birthday, or just because, your sister-in-law always finds the perfect gifts for you. She gets you the items that you mentioned once during a day trip, and wraps them so creatively. You're always so surprised, and get her an equally amazing present. It's a two-way street, you know?

You Bond Over The Most Embarrassing Moments

Up until now, the two of you have gone on little day trips to the beach, or visited family members around the holidays. You've combined forces to pull a prank on your sibling, and split the check during a dinner date, too.

The times that you've truly bonded, though, were over the most embarrassing moments — the times when you showed up in the same outfit or tried to bake together and epically failed. ("Well, these don't look like cupcakes.") You laugh about those moments on the reg, then swear you'll never bring them up again. Pinky promise!

You Don't Worry About Giving Her "Too Much Information"

One thing you never have to worry about when it comes to your sister-in-law is giving her "too much information." You could talk to her about the most detailed parts of your period, or have her read through your text messages and it wouldn't be weird. (Phew! We all need someone like that, huh?)

Sure, it wasn't always this way. When she first started dating your sibling, you'd keep it simple and not tell her all of your embarrassing stories. But, over time, your relationship naturally became like one between sisters. So, you've both decided that, conversation-wise, nothing is off the table.

You Talk About Your Sibling On The Reg

Last but not least, like two sisters, you and your sister-in-law talk about your sibling on the reg. You talk about the jokes that they tell, their weirdest habits, and what presents they would totally love. It's just natural, considering you grew up with them and she's dating them.

You've pulled out the old pictures from when you were kids, and your sister-in-law has listened to the family stories over and over again. She gives you advice on how to deal with your sibling when they get frustrated or stressed out, and you give her the 4-1-1 on the cute date your sibling has planned.

It's the most ideal situation, and you feel lucky every day to have such an amazing relationship in your life. Now, I just have one question: Did you say, "Same?"