3 Subtle But Significant Signs The Person You're Dating Thinks You're "The One"

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When you're in a long-term relationship with your partner, you could be wondering if they think of you as "their person." As Grey's Anatomy puts it, your person is someone who completely gets you. It's the person you go to for support, love, and generally the one who completes you. In the show, it describes BFFs Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), but it can be applicable to a romantic relationship as well. Your "person" is "the one." So how do you know if your boyfriend or girlfriend thinks you're "the one"?

Well, there could be plenty of things they do, say, and show to indicate how they value you in their life. There could be small and big things they do to show you that you're it for them. They could write you love letters à la Peter Kavinsky. They could merge their Google Calendar with yours so you can schedule your life together more easily. You're their person.

I spoke to Dr. Danielle Forshee, licensed clinical social worker, to determine the signs, actions, words, and ways your partner treats you that could indicate they think you're the one.

Here's what she had to say are signs your partner absolutely, without a doubt, think you're "the one."

They'll want you to know everything about their life.

If they see you as "the one," they'll want to make sure you know them fully, and are in-the-loop on their life. This means they'll tell you about a funny moment from class, a pesky coworker who gets on their nerves, or the nice thing their roommate did for them that day.

"They would integrate their life with yours by filling you in on a regularly basis (most likely daily) of the details of their day as well as sharing with you their thoughts and feelings about some aspects of their day," Forshee tells Elite Daily. "They also will tell you personal things to help you understand them on a deeper level."

They make plans to see you and follow through with it.

Essentially, they're showing that they are committing to you through their actions of... committing to you.

"Behaviorally they are likely to initiate asking to see you, initiate making plans with you, initiate bringing you out with their friends, and initiate or reciprocate physical affection," Forshee says. "They will smile when looking at you, laugh easily and often and focus mostly on you and less on their electronic devices."

They combine their life with yours.

You'll still both hold on to your own independence, but they'll invite you to hang out with their friends, meet coworkers, and probably spend time with their family. They see you in their life for awhile, so they're making sure you fit into it.

"They would likely start integrating you into some of their routine or activities," Forshee says. "For example, when you hang out with them at your house, they may ask you to go to the gym [together], go groceries shopping, [and] take you to their favorite bars and restaurants. They may ask you or encourage you to leave some of your belongings at their house and share stories with you about their life and friends."

If these signs sound like you and your SO, well, it sounds like things are smooth-sailing in your relationship. Mazel tov, friend.

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