Halloween Is The Ultimate Night To Make A Move On Your Crush & Here’s Why

I know making a move on someone can be scary. You have to think of something to say, how to show you're interested through your body language, and come up with an escape plan if things don't turn out the way you want. But, dear reader, luckily for you, if you want to hook up with someone on Halloween, it's the best night to make a move on your crush. You're probably disguised as someone else in a costume which can make you feel more liberated to be bold, you can make small talk about the decorations if you're at a party or bar, and pretend like you were flirting in character if they don't have the reaction you wanted.

Since everyone's feeling festive, it's an exciting night when ~anything can happen~. Plus, it's on the brink of cuffing season, when people are naturally more inclined to seek out romance and sex (because testosterone spikes during the colder months). If you're at a Halloween costume party with your crush, consider going up to them and complimenting their costume or making a joke about it. If the party has activities like bobbing apples or or beer pong, ask them if they'll be your partner.

The hardest part of flirting is often figuring out exactly how to do it. But luckily, Halloween parties are typically packed with spooky hijinks, steamy moments, and surprising costume choices, so you'll have plenty of material to work with when it comes to making a move. You could go up to that person with a drink or piece of candy in hand and ask if they want a treat. Maybe wink, as well. You could ask someone to walk with you through a haunted house, and grab their hand as you're passing a scary section. Or you could simply walk up to someone and ask about their costume — if they put any effort into it at all, they'll be happy to tell you about it.

Again, making a move can be scary. It's all right to feel jittery as you're about to approach that person if you're walking up to them to say something flirty. But with the surrounding atmosphere of people just enjoying themselves, it only makes sense for you to join in on the fun. You'll probably feel relieved and proud of yourself afterwards that you did make a move, no matter how that person responds. It'll keep getting easier after that, once you find your feet beneath you a little bit.

So enjoy bobbing those apples, sneaking a trick, or scoring a treat, and just have fun. Halloween is meant to be just a little bit scary — so take a step outside your comfort zone and make a move. You got this.

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