If You Have Long AF Nails, You Can Seriously Relate To These 6 Things

Everyone is born with a special gift or talent. Some people are double jointed, others can make a clover with their tongue, and some can wiggle their ears. While it might not be considered a necessarily amazing feat by some, people with long nails are also among the crowd of the talented. A lot of people find it difficult to grow and maintain long nails. If you're a person with long nails, you know this from all of the "ooohs" and "aahhhhs" you receive when people see your digits. And people with long nails can relate to so many things, because it's honestly such an incredible feature.

You can get long nails a few different ways, and if you can live in them on a daily basis, you're pretty flippin' talented. Some may say it doesn't seem sensible, but those people may just be experiencing a case of FOMO. Long nails are glam, they look good in any shape, and are super versatile when it comes to outfits. Unless you have a job that requires you to have shorter nails, why not give long nails a try?

If you're already in the long nail crew, you know these six things to be all too true.

The Comments On Your Nails Are Neverending

One of the most common things to happen when you have long nails is getting comments. SO many comments, might I add. Not really unwanted, though, as most of them are compliments. Even from best friends who have seen your nails so often, you get, "I can't believe your nails are that long" or, "Are those your real nails?!" Whether they are or not, that's definitely a staple question. If they are real, be prepared for that look of shock and awe you'll receive.

The Normal Sound Your Nails Make When Typing Is A Tad Noisy

Everyone makes a noise when typing; it's just one of the things that comes with the modern age. For long nail people, it's a very noisy task (or can be). Anyone can have loud fingers, but when you have a good half an inch of nail click-clacking away on a keyboard, it's noticeable. Honestly, just do you and own it.

The Manicure Possibilities Are Endless

Getting a manicure is so much fun, and the color options are truly endless. All nail lengths are gorgeous and you can be happy with any shape your cuticle and nail comes in. With long nails, they can look extra fancy. Whether it's Cardi B nails or your favorite glittery design from your salon, long nails just add a sense of chicness to a look.

The Way Your Nails Look Straight Fire When You're Holding Anything

Going off of that, chic is only the half of it. Everything just looks so fire when you're holding it with long nails. Of course, that's not a scientific fact, but even writing with a pen or texting on your phone can have an added element with your long nails. You won't be able to get over how good it looks.

Your Ability To Do Anything With Your Long Nails

One of the comments you get when you have long nails is, "How do you..." and they go on to list things they think you shouldn't be able to do with long nails. If you have insanely long acrylics, you'll definitely get the "how do you open bottles?" question. Look, long nails aren't easy, even for the most seasoned among us, but everything is doable, and there are hacks to most things.

The Despair When A Nail Does Break Is All Too Real

Even the best heroes fall. No matter how long you've had your nails or how careful you try and be, tragedies happen (aka, broken nails). Broken nails can be a dark moment in time, and the despair you feel right away is tough stuff. Especially when it's just a little split of the nail, and you try long and hard to keep it from becoming a full rip, it'll happen eventually.

Just take care of what you have left and make sure that you don't swing a backpack on too hard or pick up anything heavy with the tips of your fingers. Precautions — take them.