4 Women Reveal What It's Really Like To Bring Your Partner Home For Thanksgiving

There are many milestone moments you and your partner will experience as your relationship progresses and gets more serious, and meeting your partner's family might just be one of the most important. That's not to say that leaving a toothbrush at your boyfriend or girlfriend's place isn't a big deal, but deciding you like someone enough to want them to spend a holiday with your family is major. The decision to bring your boyfriend or girlfriend home for Thanksgiving tells your family that you're serious about this person and want to see how they fit into your life. It also lets your partner know you want them to know this part of your world.

I personally think the holidays are the perfect time to meet your significant other's family. While it might seem serious to share a day like Thanksgiving with someone's family, I think the festive aspect of the visit actually alleviates some of the pressure of meeting your love's parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, pets, and neighbors. There's a structure to holidays with specific events and meals that can provide a bit of familiarity and routine in a new environment. There's also a good chance there will be a lot of people around with extended family in the mix, which takes a bit of the spotlight off of your and your partner.

There's no guarantee that everything will go smoothly, that everyone will get along, and that you won't have a single regret about the experience, and that's totally fine. Check out these experiences from real women who brought their partners home for Thanksgiving.

Welcome To The Jungle
I have a huge family so I thought bringing my boyfriend home for Thanksgiving wouldn't be a big deal because he'd blend into the crowd. Turns out my uncles and brothers were obsessed with him and made him play drinking games with them and go on hikes and out in the boat... needless to say, my boyfriend was exhausted and hungover by the end of our days there. He's from a smaller family and hadn't really seen anything like our 40-person holiday madness.

- Willow*, 22

Culinary Competition
I brought my boyfriend home for Thanksgiving and he clearly wanted to impress my family because he went into the kitchen and took over — cooking us a huge feast and working all the day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving day. My parents and I were appreciative but my brother kept teasing him and heckling him about spending all that time in the kitchen. Finally when it was time to eat, my boyfriend didn't really eat anything but we were all digging in. My brother asked him why he wasn't eating and my boyfriend snapped at him. I guess he was tired of his attitude — as was I! I was used to my brother being annoying, but I had forgotten to warn my boyfriend about him.

- Katie*, 24

Culture Clash
I brought my Canadian boyfriend home for American Thanksgiving and he thought it was ridiculous! They have Canadian Thanksgiving on a different day and it's much more low-key. He couldn't get over all the food and leftovers for a week!

- Giuliana, 22

Ex-Boyfriends Everywhere
I brought my boyfriend home for Thanksgiving to my really small hometown and everything was going great. All my friends were home from college and we'd spend the days with my parents and the nights partying with my friends. It was great until one night when my boyfriend realized all the guy friends of mine he'd been meeting were all my exes! I tried to explain that it's a really small town and not weird for us at all that we've all dated, but he couldn't get over it. That kind of ruined the rest of the trip.

- Elodie*, 23

No matter if your holiday is Instagram-perfect or completely implodes out of drama, sharing your family and your holiday with your partner is still a very meaningful experience. Keep in mind that it might also mean that your partner is missing out on spending time with their own family, so showing your appreciation for their decision to be with you will mean a lot to them. Remember, you and your parter are in this together and f it's a great time, you'll be thankful for the experience, and if it's terrible, you'll be thankful that it's over!