5 Steamy Hacks For Building Intimacy When It's Just Too Darn Cold To Have Sex

During the winter months, I'm all about spending as little time as possible outdoors, eating warm comfort foods, and perfecting my layering game. If you're on my winter wavelength and are in a relationship or are spending time with a casual partner, you might decide to bundle up, order delivery, and watch some Netflix instead of getting your sexy on. So if it's simply too cold to have sex, don't worry because there are many other ways you can be intimate and close with your honey without freezing your pretty buns off.

Winter is a good time to hibernate and hibernating with someone you like is kinda the whole point of cuffing season! But when it's truly so cold out that you and your partner both want to keep your clothes on, it's time to get creative. Remember that intimacy and closeness can be just as alluring as actual sex, so even if you don't hook up, you can still keep things super hot. That's not to say that you can't have a satisfying and steamy sex life during the winter — in fact, some sexual positions and moves are just tailor-made for the season! But for those chilly nights where you want to be close to your boo, try these steamy, sexy tricks.

Take A Bath Together

When the temperatures drop outside, it might be time to head inside and draw a hot bath. If you and your partner both want to heat up and relax, toss in a moisturizing bath bomb to fizz, bubble, and nourish your dry winter skin. TBH, getting out of a warm bath into a chilly bathroom is the worst, so I'd also suggest having your cozy towels and clothes nearby. The benefit of a moisturizing bath bomb can also be felt hours later, as your skin will feel soft and sexy.

Hot Oil Massage

Everyone loves a good massage, but during the winter months the thought of stripping down might not seem appealing — even to get a good rub! This winter, consider lighting up a massage oil candle, enjoy the delicious aroma, and once the wax melts down, gently drip it onto your partner and treat them to a slow massage. That way they'll stay warm, feel relaxed, and likely willing to return the favor!

Play With Toys

If you and your partner haven't experimented with toys in the bedroom before... 'tis the season to give it a try! And since the season also 'tis cold AF, up the ante with a warming vibrator! Yes, they exist. With a consistent and comfortably warm temperature, your orgasm will be hot. You two can also make use of warming lube, which will help you and your honey raise the temperature from chilly to nice and steamy.

Crank Up The Heat

Unless you live in an igloo, your apartment has a thermostat and now is the time to use it! Turn the heat up, or crank up a space heater in your bedroom, and once you and your partner are roasty toasty, you can forget the wintery chill outside and get lost in each other. Another idea could be to toss your comforter into the dryer briefy, then burrow underneath it with your partner — either way, envelop yourselves in heat and get hot, hot, hot!

Layer Creatively

During the colder winter months, your lacy delicates might be retired to the back of your lingerie drawer as you favor practical and cozy layers. But why not have it both ways? When your partner comes over later, they might not be surprised to see you bundled in sweats, a sweater and warm socks but they will be surprised when you reveal that underneath all that warmth is some sexy lingerie. And don't worry — you can totally leave your socks on.

While I love to spend winter evenings researching tropical vacation destinations with a glass of red wine in hand, I'm all about finding creative ways to stay warm. Hopefully these ideas will help you and your babe keep the fire burning through the winter and heat up the occasional date night — in between Netflix, delivery food, and cozy date nights, of course.