Your Summer's About To Change Once You Hit 25 & Here's Why

Real talk: Summer is the best season there is. So many of us wish we could wake up and spend every afternoon napping on a sun-kissed beach with a refreshing drink in hand. Since this beautiful season goes by way too fast, we make the most of the sacred months we're blessed with. Summer changes a bit throughout your 20s, though. If you haven't already pinpointed exactly how your summer changes once you hit 25, I'm here to help a girl out.

Don't get me wrong, your summers are still filled with wanderlust, drinks with umbrellas, and long days spent soaking up sun on the beach. Hitting 25 hasn't taken away the joy you feel when you're watching the sunset in a new place for the first time, either. You're just approaching summer differently, because age has a way of changing our perception. It allows us to re-evaluate the things that really matter to us and how we prefer to spend our time and money. Of course, you will still have the time of your life, because having fun doesn't come with an age requirement. So, it's just about time to embrace your quarter-life and welcome these seven changes with an open, positive mind.

You'd Rather Pay For Experiences Than Material Things

By the time you turn 25, you realize that bucket list adventures and those new swimsuits you've been eyeballing can really drain your wallet. You can dream about them all you want, but the reality is you'll have to dish out the cash to actually make them happen. You quickly realize you'd much rather spend your money on experiences rather than material things, because those memories last a lifetime.

You Aren't Against Planning In Advance

Planning in advance prevents plans from falling through. You don't mind being the one in the friend group who comes up with the game plan, because it'll be worth it in the end when you're sipping a piña colada on the beach. The more you have set in stone, the less you have to worry about later on.

You Don't Expect To Stick With One Friend Group

Remember those summers back in high school? Your parents could hardly drag you away from your friends, because you saw them every single day. Once you hit 25, you don't mind making plans with different friend groups. It keeps things interesting, and you're really not about that clique mentality.

You Have A Few Wedding-Related Events To Attend

Where did the time go? One or more of your friends is engaged, about to be engaged, or is getting married. Either way, you're probably attending a few wedding-related events during the summer of your quarter-life. It's summer, though, and if there's more love in the air and outdoor champagne toasts, you are all for it.

You Aren't Turning Down A Chill Staycation

Once you hit 25, you understand just how much you've slept on the relaxing wonders of a staycation. No one could tell you anything in your early 20s, because you were already halfway out of town when summer hit. Now, you are so down for exploring parts of your city at an Airbnb or a charming bed and breakfast. Adventure is what you make of it.

Your Vacations Don't Only Involve Partying

Partying is good in doses, but it doesn't encompass all of your summer plans. You're really looking forward to that yoga retreat you booked months ago, because it'll be the relaxing getaway you need from work. You've swapped fist pumping for some zen and downward-facing dog, and you're all about it. If there's anything you've learned, it's that a vacation doesn't have to involve hitting up the nightlife scene.

You're On Your Phone Way Less And In The Moment More

I'm not judging. I've been that girl who's more focused on her phone rather than what's happening around her. As you grow up, you don't completely shut off from social media, but you aren't pressed to broadcast your whole life on there. You're on vacation, and it'll pass by much quicker if you're looking down at your screen. Ain't nobody got the time or money for that.

Fill this summer with everything your 25-year-old heart desires. You're changing like the seasons, and it's a beautiful thing.