Life Goes On: 25 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared To Turn 25

by Ashley Fern

Turning 25 is apparently enough to drive people into panic. We've all heard about the dreaded quarter-life crisis and are led to believe, sadly, that this is something everyone's going to experience.

But if you really think about it, shouldn't you actually be excited to turn 25? Doesn't that sound much more adultish than 23 or 24?

This is a real number, not some weird arbitrary birthday you celebrate during your post-grad years.

This is a meaningful celebration where you get to honor and celebrate how far you've come in your life. It's not something to run from, rather it's something to embrace.

So if you're scared of turning 25, don't be. Why? Well...

1. It's a lot less scary than turning 13, 30 or 40.

Do you know what kind of sh*t you were dealing with when you turned 13?! Well, I have two words for you: awkward stage.

I would have to say your 13th birthday has been your most stressful birthday, considering all of the things going on in your life (*cough* puberty).

If you're stressed about turning 25, think about how you're going to feel come your 30th and 40th birthdays. Tell me you don't already feel better by comparison.

2. Because you've already made a quarter century's worth of mistakes

And you've lived through them! There's nothing more embarrassing that could possibly happen to you, and isn't that enough to be thankful for?

3. Look what happened to Steve Jobs when he was 25

In 1980, Apple went public and, after one day of trading, Steve Jobs was worth $239 million dollars. Guess how old he was? Twenty-five.

4. You've never felt more secure about not getting engaged

Chances are the frequency of engagements you've been seeing on your timeline is pissing you off. How happy are you not to be one of those people?

5. Your parents finally accept you at the adults' table

It didn't matter that you were closer in age to your aunts and uncles, you still found yourself sitting at the teenage table during Thanksgiving. That's about to change.

6. You still have a year left on your parents' health insurance

And thank God for that because their coverage is much better than what our companies are offering.

7. You can rent a car in every single state

The world is officially your oyster! It may have made no sense as to why you could buy cigarettes, serve in the army, drink under 25 and not rent a car, but finally that is a worry of the past.

8. You can still get away with drinking wine out of the box

Old enough to know better, yet young enough not to really give a f*ck.

9. You can now officially eliminate 22-year-olds from your dating pool

You knew you weren't really into them, but you decided to keep your options open -- real open. Finally, you have the perfect excuse to stop putting yourself through this sh*t, you're a mature 25-year-old now.

10. You're probably not making an entry-level salary anymore

Can I get a Hallelujah???!!!!

11. You can still have the occasional blackout without it being weird

It's OK, you're still adjusting, it happens to the best of us.

12. You still have five years left of your 20s

The glass is literally half full, just make sure you look at it that way.

13. You're no longer poisoning yourself with sh*tty food

Sure, your metabolism may have slowed down, but at least you've figured out how to adjust to it by now. Your body and doctor will thank you if you embrace those veggies and try to steer clear of what makes you sick.

14. You can stay in with no f*cks given

You've already seen all you've needed to see to be fine with missing out on certain activities. You know Saturday nights will always be around, so what's the problem with skipping out on one (or several)?

15. Your Netflix queue is finally good

You've been working on this for a while now and you've perfected it. If you don't consider that a talent then I really don't know what to tell you.

16. You've finally mastered the art of business casual

No more unsuccessful Google attempts or mass texts to your friends -- you've got your go-to business casual ready to go.

17. You're over having mediocre sex

It's about f*cking time. Yes, pun intended.

18. You at least know how to make one dish that doesn't require the microwave or Seamless

Finally, you can consider yourself domesticated -- something you've been trying to prove to yourself for far too long.

19. You're semi-aware of your alcohol tolerance

Just because you know four drinks will throw you over the edge doesn't mean you're going to refrain from drinking them.

20. You have a staple drink

You're so over vodka cranberry drinks (finally) and instead have a go-to drink instead. Maybe it's Don Julio on the rocks or a vodka gimlet, whatever it is, it's a hell of a lot better than what you used to sip on.

21. You're on a path to what you really want to do

You aren't just working for the sake of a job, instead you're on the way to a career.

22. You appreciate your parents' advice more and more

Hmm, maybe they were right all those years. Too bad it took this long to realize or the adolescent years would've gone much more smoothly.

23. Even better: Your parents respect your opinions and advice

Finally, everything you've been trying to explain to them isn't falling on deaf ears.

24. Your friends are people you actually want to have around you

Say goodbye to feeling obligated to maintain "friendships."

25. It's not a death sentence

What do you think is going to happen once you turn 25? Seriously, think about it...

*Bonus: You're 26 and reading this*