How You'll Act In A New Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Moody water, cerebral air, passionate fire, and grounded earth signs all act in a new relationship in different ways. How old or young each sign in the zodiac wheel is also has a major influence over how each sign responds to their blossoming feelings, and how likely they are to show whether or not they have feelings at all! And while your sun sign does play a major role in how you approach relationships, there is much more to your natal chart. The position of your Venus sign will influence how you fall in love, while Mars will drive how you take action and initiative.

When you're reading your chart, also pay attention to the locations of your fourth house, which relates to family and home; your seventh house, which relates to intimate relationships and partnerships; and your eighth house, which relates to sex. Every single one of these components influences the way in which you approach a relationship, just like every single one of these houses and their planets is a kind of conversation the cosmos are having with one another. Our lives and the way we approach them are simply a narrative that is in the process of unfolding.

So here's how part of that narrative plays out for each zodiac sign in the vein of a new relationship.

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Aries (March 21 To April 10): Immediately Goes All In

Aries, the ram, is the bravest sign of the zodiac, which can sometimes make them foolhardy in life, lust, and love. If an Aries commits to you, they might overwhelm you with all their vim and verve. But don't worry, Aries will understand if you need your space and will be happy to zoom off to another adventure until you call them back again.

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Taurus (April 21 To May 21): Talks About Cohabitation Way Too Soon

Taurus adores comfort in a relationship and is the sign that is most likely to suggest you move in together way too soon. If you're down for breaking all the relationship rules, living with a Taurus is usually a good move. You do the dishes and Taurus will cook.

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Gemini (May 21 To June 21): Keeps Changing Their Mind

Gemini can be a fickle sign. Their dual nature will hold them back from making their intentions fully known, because they don't even know their intentions themselves. At the beginning of a new relationship, you will probably need to pressure Gemini to commit to you fully, and don't be surprised if they leave you in suspense. Gemini believes drama is what gives a relationship its spark.

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Cancer (June 21 To July 22): Gets Scared And Disappears

When Cancer enters a new relationship with you, it's because they already love you. But Cancer knows that love can hurt, and that's why they'll immediately retreat into their little shell. If your Cancer isn't answering their text messages, don't worry. They're just at home recalibrating, and they will be back in contact by the next full moon.

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Leo (July 23 To August 22): Says "I Love You" First

Leo tames fire, which means this bold sign won't be afraid to say those three little words and mean it. The sign is ruled by the solar plexus, which is the space of intuitive wisdom and honesty. If Leo tells you they love you, you can trust they are looking for ways to warm your heart.

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Virgo (August 23 To September 22): Starts Leaving Things At Your House

Virgo can be a bit shy about voicing their commitment, so the way to know if the maiden is serious about a new relationship with you is to go in your bathroom and see whether or not they have already left a new toothbrush. If they have, congratulations. Your Virgo has fully committed to you.

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Libra (September 23 To October 22): Introduces You To Their Parents

Libra loves being in relationships. Being a part of a couple puts this balanced air sign at their best. If your Libra has entered a new relationship with you, then they're going to want to woo you all the time. Showering you with flowers, taking you out to dinner, and having you meet their family early on is important to Libra. They never enter relationships without an eye to the future, either, so be sure that what they want is what you want, too.

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Scorpio (October 23 To November 22): Internal Screaming

If you manage to break past Scorpio's exoskeleton and reach their soft heart, they'll fall in love with you completely — and be completely and utterly terrified. This water sign is the most likely to lash out at the beginning of a new relationship, but if you can't interpret all their arachnid skittering, chittering, and clacking, here's a pro-tip from one Scorpio lover to another: Scorpio really just wants to be held.

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Sagittarius (November 23 To December 21): Talks About Moving

Sagittarius loves to roam, and even though they have committed to you, that won't stop them from talking about relocating to a completely opposite coast. Don't worry if it sounds like your Sag is going to turn your new relationship into a long-distance one. They're very faithful once they have committed, and though they might entertain the thought of wandering, they probably have no real intention of actually leaving you behind.

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Capricorn (December 22 To January 19): Unflinching Commitment

Sturdy Capricorn takes commitment seriously, and if you're in a new relationship with one, you can expect their unswerving devotion. They might not shower you with gifts or rain the accolades down upon you, but you can rest assured that you have a Capricorn's full respect. Toying with the sea goat's feelings can cause them long-term harm, so don't enter a relationship if you aren't able to match their respect for you.

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Aquarius (January 20 To February 19): Says They Don't Believe In Monogamy

Falling in love with an Aquarius is a bit like falling in love with the queen of a hive of bees. They are highly individual but still reign over and want to participate in a collective. They don't understand how their polyamorous spirit could threaten you, and they might even expect that you have as many crushes as they do. But Aquarius is also the water bearer, which means they do understand deep feelings. They also don't take new relationships lightly. Be clear with your Aquarius about what you need, and you will find they are perfectly capable and willing to adapt to your needs.

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Pisces (February 20 To March 20): Asks About Your Exes

Watery Pisces swims in a current of emotions, and if they enter a relationship with you, they're going to want to know all about your sordid past. Pisces wants to know all about your exes, so they can know all of your flaws upfront. If you'd rather wait and reveal your foibles over time, you can easily distract Pisces by asking them to analyze the dream you had last night. There's nothing this psychic of the zodiac loves more than pretending they're your psychoanalyst.

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