All The Ways To Style Florals For Spring In An *Actually* Groundbreaking Way

Courtesy of Imitation of Christ

It is a universally acknowledged truth that florals in spring isn't a fresh, new concept in fashion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the look to the next level. Some of the spring 2021 runways had groundbreaking ideas for wearing florals that will totally change how you look at the pattern. With inspiration from the Ready-to-Wear shows, your floral fashion can go from basic to daring, simply by adding a new print, more colors, or trying it in a new silhouette.

Floral prints have already started regaining popularity with the rise of the cottagecore aesthetic, but there are so many ways you can adapt the print into your style and beyond. Tom Ford, Collina Strada, and Rodarte are just a few of the brands that used florals to create looks from streamlined to '70s-esque to skater-inspired. Several fashion houses mixed unexpected patterns with florals or debuted them in the form of eccentric, retro wallpaper prints and more. The floral world really just went from being banal to innovative and exciting.

It’s a safe bet that there are at least a few pieces of floral print in your closet, and if you’re searching for a new way to wear them, I've found a few must-try options that are so inventive, NASA is quaking. Below are the most groundbreaking floral print outfits from spring 2021 runways and ideas on how to recreate them at home.

Tom Ford Spring 2021: Add A Print, Then Add Another One

Tom Ford's spring 2021 runway suggests you go all out with your floral patterns this year. The brand didn't worry about matching the colors of the prints, and since they're all more on the neutral side, the outfits don't feel overwhelming.

Collina Strada Spring 2021: Paper Yourself in '70s Wallpaper

Big, bright flowers and colors characterize retro wallpaper very well, which has surprisingly made its way from literal walls to clothing in recent seasons. And since Collin Strada layered the most vivid pattern over two softer prints, this look is bursting with color but isn't dizzying. When trying to recreate this look at home, go for one of your most colorful floral prints and add a more faded print with it, like vibrant floral pants with a pastel tie dye top.

Imitation of Christ Spring 2021: Flowers At The Skate Park

Courtesy of Imitation of Christ

If you prefer a sportier style, you don't have to ditch florals completely. Imitation of Christ took a classic skater aesthetic and added a long floral duster to it. This outfit is a bit eccentric, but the new layer gives the usually solid, plain look a bold twist. The pattern adds more color and an unexpected touch. Also, imagine how cool that floral print would look flowing behind you as you skate.

Rodarte Spring 2021: Matchy Matchy

Amidst all the pattern mixing, Rodarte made a case for overly matching. A completely coordinated set is an incredibly clean style that always makes you look put together. Even though your pieces fit together seamlessly, the crispness is balanced by the vivaciousness of the flowers.

Libertine Spring 2021: Flowers For Fall

Courtesy of Libertine

Libertine showed off a throwback piece on its runway: floral blazers. While you may think of a blazer as a fall staple and florals as strictly a spring pattern, this look marries the two for a season-defying look. It's also a great way to add color and a fun pattern to the usual simple blazer style.