'Vogue' Is Hosting "A Moment With The Met" With Special Musical Guests — Here's How To Watch

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/Getty Images

It hardly feels like the first Monday in May without celebrities sashaying down the red carpet in their most unbelievable attire at the annual Met Gala. Sadly, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has flipped everything we've come to know and expect on its head. But instead of spending your evening constantly refreshing your social feeds this year for a celebrity look that'll make you say "ooooh," "ahhh," or "oh no," there's a new plan: watching Vogue's "A Moment With the Met" stream, a digital 2020 Met Gala replacement of sorts, complete with special musical guests.

The 2020 Met Gala's theme of "About Time: Fashion and Duration" likely would've opened the floodgates to prime literal and figurative outfit interpretations, a nauseating amount of clock motifs — oh, and the Olsen twins showing up in whatever the hell they wanted to that year. So, as a society, perhaps it's best we now have a little more time to mentally prepare for all that, given everything we've already been through. However, sticking to the year's theme, Vogue has already started the day on site and their social platforms by taking fans back in time with a look at the best Met Gala outfits from years past, wild celebrity moments and more.

After releasing new Met Gala-inspired videos throughout Monday, May 4, the day will culminate with "A Moment With the Met," which Vogue will stream live on its YouTube channel for everyone to watch at 6 p.m. ET. The night will commence with an address from none other than Anna Wintour. "It would be impossible to recreate the gala on Monday evening, though I have loved hearing how so many are marking the occasion in their own ways,” said Wintour. “So instead, I asked a few friends to join me for a simple moment — one that I hope will bring us all a bit of joy.”

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Following Wintour's address, the digital stream will include a musical set from Florence + The Machines, as well as a DJ set from Virgil Abloh. Vogue's Met Gala videos will continue following "A Moment With the Met" and into Tuesday, May 5, with Met Gala oral histories (with celebs like Cardi B) and more. Because the Met Galas main purpose is to raise money for the Met's Costume Institute, Vogue will encourage anyone tuning in to do the same, if they're able, according to the publication.

As you would any other first Monday in May, grab your popcorn, slide on your comfiest sweats, and glue yourself to your couch to watch as "A Moment With the Met" unfolds on Vogue's YouTube channel at 6 p.m. ET.