Here's How To Use The New Bitmoji To Make Your Cartoon Twin


Since there's legitimately nothing more fun than digitizing yourself as a cartoon, most of us are pretty excited about Bitmoji's latest update, which is about to totally transform our app experience. Starting on Tuesday, Jan. 30, Bitmoji Deluxe will include hella more diverse physical attributes, enhanced styling preferences, and wider ranges of personalities. So if, like us, you're totally stoked to elevate your mini-me game with the new-and-improved app update, here's how to use Bitmoji Deluxe.

If you're down to create a new Bitmoji with the update, you totally should, because the Deluxe version is total fire. You can now start creating your digitized self by doing what all of us do best, which is obviously snapping a selfie. This way, Bitmoji users can actually reference their own actual faces every step of the way, while creating the most life-like cartoon versions of themselves possible.

The library of physical attributes and accessories will now be navigated through a bar at the bottom of the app's screen. Your Bitmoji's face will stick with you throughout the creative process, so you can see what each change looks like. These additions to the app really just make creating your adorable little cartoon self a tad easier.


If you're worried that you won't like your Deluxe version as much as the Classic version, don't worry. If users choose to update their Bitmojis with the Deluxe style, they can always return to their old Bitmoji “Classic” style. In seconds, through the settings menu, users can just select their style of choice, new or old, and voila. Each Bitmoji version you've made will be there. It's honestly really, really easy, and now we're even more excited to try it out.

Aside from changing the Bitmoji creation process, Bitmoji is definitely getting a bit more "woke," if you catch my drift. They'll no longer be requiring users to choose a specific gender (i.e. male or female), presenting Bitmoji creators with a variety of body images to choose from. Showing both male and female figures, users will be able to select whichever body best suits them. Makeup and earrings will also now be accessible to all users, regardless of gender.

According to a release sent to Elite Daily, the most common request from Bitmoji users, unsurprisingly, was to create a wider range of hairstyle choices. The Bitmoji team went above and beyond to answer all of our prayers, and they finally added several new personalized style and color options. In addition to adding several cross gender hairstyles — such as twists, braids, and low cuts — they'll also be including more colors, with anything from highlights to ombre. Additional headwear will also be available to anyone, regardless of gender, including baseball caps, hijabs, and flower crowns.


As we all know, Bitmoji has totally enhanced the Snapchat game, since the two apps were officially united in the summer of 2016. After Bitmoji was first integrated with Snapchat, Geofilters featuring users' Bitmojis were created. By April 2017, 2-D Bitmoji World Lenses were set to automatically update throughout the day, and they were added to the widely loved (and also hated) Snap Map in June 2017.

3-D Bitmoji World Lenses then started to really up the Snapchat/Bitmoji game in Sept. 2017, and now, Bitmoji Deluxe is totally rocking our world. There's no denying that Snapchat and Bitmoji truly go together like peanut butter and jelly, and we honestly can't get enough options of our adorable digitized selves. We can't wait to create these lovely, enhanced version of our Bitmoji with their new Deluxe version, because I know for a fact they'll take over my Snapchat feed.

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