You Can Make Your 3-D Bitmoji Do Some Pretty Cool Tricks On Snapchat, Here's How

Snap Inc.

If you're obsessed with Snapchat World Lenses, you better prepare yourself, because the feature just got even cooler. Get this: The social media app known for its fun filters will now let you animate your Bitmoji in 3-D using the World Lenses, virtually bringing it to life! Because this exciting AF addition is brand new, there's bound to be a learning curve. That said, Elite Daily reached out to a Snap Inc. spokesperson who gave us a quick rundown on how to animate your 3-D Bitmoji with Snapchat World Lenses. Here's a step-by-step guide 3-D newbies!

Before you do anything, make sure you're using the most recent version of the Snapchat app. (It works on both iOS and Android devices, so everyone can play.) You've probably already created your Bitmoji using the Bitmoji app — you need it to keep tabs on all your friends with Snap Map, after all! — but if you haven't, now's the time to create your cartoon self and connect it to Snapchat.

Once your apps are all up to date and your Bitmoji is just as cool as Lizzie McGuire's, it's time to start the animation process.

1. Tap The Rear-Facing Snapchat Camera Screen To Access The 3-D Bitmojis

They'll appear right beside the regular World Lens options. As of right now, there are five 3-D Bitmoji filters available, including yoga and guitar playing.

2. Next, Point Your Camera At A Surface To Place Your Bitmoji

You can literally place your Bitmoji anywhere and watch it animate right before your eyes.

3. Now, Hit Record

Because you're the director of this mini movie, don't be afraid to play around with the size of your Bitmoji (you can scale it larger or smaller) or take it on a stroll through the animated scene. However, the animations are usually longer than 10 seconds, Snap Inc.'s spokesperson warned, so either plan your recordings accordingly or use the new multi-snap feature.

4. Send It To Everyone

Post your Bitmoji's cool moves to your Snap Story or send the clip directly to your friends.

Yes, it's that easy. And yes, you're probably going to get addicted to animating the virtual you. (TBH, virtual me is already amazing at yoga.)

You may remember that Snapchat purchased Bitmoji last year for $100 million. That huge sum likely explains why Snap Inc. developers have been dedicating so much time to integrating the two apps since summer 2016.

While major Snapchat competitor Instagram hasn't yet capitalized on augmented reality (AR), I'm willing to bet they're working on it — especially considering the fact Apple recently debuted its animated emojis — aka Animojis — during its Sept. 12 Keynote in Cupertino, CA. Unlike 3-D Bitmojis, which are available for all iOS and Android users, only people willing to shell out $999 for the iPhone X will have access to Apple's Animojis. (To be fair, they're super cool and actually mimic your facial movements, but that's price tag on a phone is just a tad jarring.)

Nonetheless, Snapchat seems to be doing just fine, as their Lenses remain one of their most popular features, says a Snap Inc. spokesperson. Despite Instagram taking notes and Apple leaping 10 years into technology's future with a single cellular device, one in three users reportedly uses Snapchat's World Lenses on a daily basis. I mean, who wouldn't want to watch their current location transform into a virtual reality?

Beyond their AR advancements, Snap Inc. is also making some cool changes to its Publisher Stories. On Sept. 8, they announced that dozens of university newspapers would be able to use the feature and monetize their content. Their press release on reads,

We are honored to partner with talented students across the country to empower the next generation of journalists and we can't wait to see what they create!

Student journalists, this is your cue to get your Bitmojis ready for an animated stroll through the newsroom!

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