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9 Creative Ways To Make "Going" To Your Home Office Feel Like An Actual Treat

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Working from home has become the new normal. Instead of hopping on the subway and grabbing your go-to coffee order on your way into the office, you're whipping out your coffee press before joining Zoom meetings at your kitchen table. The WFH life may have been a big adjustment, but if you know how to spice up working from home, it'll make the transition pretty seamless (and fun).

Since you're spending most of your time at home due to the ongoing pandemic, it's importable to separate work from relaxation. Finding the right balance will make your work week at home feel different than your time off the clock at home.

You might have been used to leaving your work responsibilities at the office at the end of the day, so you didn't have to bring any of it into the peaceful oasis you call home. Now, your worlds have blended together. It's important to find that divide.

Taking the time to do any of these creative WFH ideas will help spruce up your daily routine and make "going" into work a lot more fun. So, once you've crossed off your daily responsibilities, you can turn off your work mode and transition into home mode.

Get Yourself A Cool Coffee Maker That Can Make Different Brews
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One of the little joys of your workday may have been your daily trips to the café down the street for a latte in the morning. It was a sweet way to jumpstart your day. Now, you may have resorted to drip coffee from your coffeemaker at home, and it's getting mundane AF.

Invest in a good coffee machine that can make fancy drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Change up your drink order every day depending on your #mood.

Pick Up Fresh Flowers Every Sunday To Make Your Desk Bloom

The Sunday before a big work week, grab yourself a fresh bouquet of flowers from your fave floral shop or the bodega on the corner. Decorate your desk with an arrangement of beautiful blooms each and every week. It's an easy way to liven up your space, and it'll feel incredibly rewarding supporting local businesses.

Treat Yourself To Takeout Once A Week For Lunch

Another highlight of your workday was likely stepping out for lunch at the local restaurants. Oh, how you miss your favorite avocado toast order and how the juice shop next to your office prepared your banana peanut butter smoothie just right. Since you're not going into the office right now, treat yourself each week (or every other week) to yummy takeout that you'll look forward to.

Plan Virtual Lunch Dates With Your Friends

Even though you're working from home, you can still socialize with your work besties. Plan lunch dates each week over Zoom. Get dressed up and set up your space so it feels like you actually went out to a cute café. Light a couple sweet-scented candles, pull out some funky dishes, and pour yourself a glass of sparkling lemonade.

Add Some Cozy New Work 'Fits To Your Wardrobe

The perk of working from home is that you don't have to spend hours getting ready in the morning. Although, it is fun swapping out your PJs for a cute, yet cozy set even if you're working from your couch. Get yourself some fresh WFH attire like a vibrant green tie-dye cropped sweatshirt ($58, Tiger Mist) and coordinating track pant ($65, Tiger Mist).

Put Together A Snack Bar Full Of Yummy Choices

Even from home, you can pretend you work at one of those fancy startups where they have their own cereal bar and fully-stocked kitchen. Put together a snack bar in your own kitchen that you can visit whenever you need to step away from your work for a tasty snack break.

Stream A Motivating Playlist

If you're used to working in an office with a lot of people, you may be used to a little background noise. Or, you might typically have your headphones on and work best while jamming to some beats. Put together a Spotify playlist of some songs that make you feel motivated and inspired.

Make Sure Your Desk Is Comfy So You Actually Look Forward To Working In

One way to separate your work life from your home life is making sure you have a designated work area. Set up a space that you actually look forward to working in, so you don't migrate all over your apartment throughout the day.

If you have a desk that's cozy, you'll likely want to work there on the daily. Invest in some equipment like an ergonomic keyboard ($130, Logitech) or a standing desk converter ($90, Amazon).

Decorate Your Desk So It Reflects Your Vibe

Just like you'd make over your cubicle to fit your vibe, it's time to make over your WFH desk so it screams you. Get yourself a cute wall calendar ($15, and planner so you're staying on top of all your deadlines and meetings. Add some decor to your space like crystal planters for your succulents ($23, Etsy), and inspirational quote signs ($9, Etsy).

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