Here's How You Should Spend Galentine’s Day, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

Valentine's Day is upon us, and the best part is, it's yet another excuse to celebrate alongside your besties and fave gals, despite your current situation, or should I say, "relationship status." Speaking of, I'm going to tell y'all how to spend Galentine's Day 2019, based on your zodiac sign, because let's face it, there's always a reason to celebrate. TBH, I have plenty of thoughts on this adorable holiday, but I'd much rather focus on the party planning. As some of you know, the most romantic day of the year, AKA Valentine's Day, just so happens to take place during Aquarius season. So typical Aquarius, right?

It's no wonder so many people go out of their way to purchase witty greeting cards for their friends and colleagues. Truth is, Aquarius loves to socialize, mingle, and network with different groups of people, and well, the energy of this astrological season speaks for itself, right? On another note, the moon will be traveling through curious Gemini, and the vibes will be as light as ever. Remember, air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) love intellectual stimulation, so rest assured, there will be a number of mentally-stimulating convos swirling through the air, in every sense of the word.

Lastly, warrior Mars leaves its home sign Aries, and slides into sensual Taurus just in time for Valentine's Day. FYI: Taurus is stubborn, slow-moving, and materialistic. Mars, on the other hand, is hot-headed, impulsive, and rambunctious AF. Granted, these two energies are nothing alike, but they still work nonetheless. This energy is ideal for setting your mind on something and sticking with it, so if you (or any of your girlfriends) have your heart set on the "perfect partner," now is the time to plan your conquest. Then again, if you're on that John Tucker Must Die tip, you might get a head start on plotting your revenge. (Ha! I'm totally kidding.)

Anyhoo, here's how you should spend your Galentine's Day, as per your zodiac sign:

Aries: Organize A Quaint Soirée With Your People

Call up your lady friends, and tell them your Galentine's Day plans. Besides, you're in the mood to mingle, socialize, and gossip your little heart out. Got some cheese up your sleeve, Aries?

Taurus: Head To Happy Hour With Your Work Besties

Here's the deal, Taurus babe: You've got a ton of work to do, but you're still in the mood to celebrate. So, why not head to happy hour with your fave lady colleagues? Cheers to another excuse to go shopping!

Gemini: Plan A Mini Getaway With Your Gals

You're in the mood to get away, but there's no way you're leaving your besties behind, right? Don't even think about it twice, Gemini. This is the perfect excuse to run away with your gal tribe.

Cancer: Meet Your Besties For Dinner And Drinks

There's nothing you love more than spending time with your loved ones, especially when it involves good food, delicious cocktails and your fave girls. Are you in, Cancer?

Leo: Take Your Fave Ladies Out For Karaoke

Granted, you love being center of attention, but you love your friends more. So, call up your single ladies, and get your list of angry-girl '90s grunge ready. This is Galentine's karaoke night.

Virgo: Coordinate Brunch With Your Best Gals

You love organizing events, and I don't blame you, Virgo. You know the best spots in town, and you're always down for logistics. Besides, brunch means bottomless mimosas and an innocent gossip sesh.

Libra: Host An Elegant Galentine's Bash

You love hosting lavish parties, and it's because you adore anything that involves beauty, decorating, aesthetics, and getting dolled up. Party at your place, Libra?

Scorpio: Cook A Nice Dinner For Your Besties

Aquarius season is your nesting season, Scorpio, so don't feel forced to go out. Instead, call up your fave lady friends, and indulge in some of your secret recipes. Truth is, not everyone knows you're a great cook.

Sagittarius: Have A Skype Date With Your Lady Friend Overseas

You would have a long-distance pen pal, Sagittarius. Plus, you're not big on texting, and you're sure as hell not a phone person, so Skype works just fine. Arrivederci!

Capricorn: Plan A Shopping Day With Your Besties

The sun is energizing your money house, so you're it the splurging mood, of course. Not to worry, Capricorn. Your earth sign besties always know what's on SALE, and you love a good bargain.

Aquarius: Host A Valentine's Game Night With Your Faves

What you mean you've never played, "What do you meme?" What a perfect way to celebrate your birthday season, Aquarius. Get on your group chat, and tell your girls the 411.

Pisces: Head To The Movies With Your Best Gals

The sun is lighting up your twelve house of behind-the-scenes work, and you're keeping it low key. Truth is, you're not in the mood to party, and that's OK. How about dinner and a movie with your bestie, Pisces?